End of the tale: why Klimov and Petrenko divorced?

Few couples in Russian show business canboast of the reputation of an ideal union. Against the backdrop of numerous and fleeting novels of colleagues, there was a strong pair of Igor Petrenko and Ekaterina Klimova. However, in 2013 it became known that the fairy tale came to an end. Why did Klimova and Petrenko divorce? On the details of relations and the rupture of stars, read in our article.

Love from a student's bench

Everyone is interested in why PetrenkoKlimovoi, but let's plunge into the past, when the relationship of actors was just beginning. They met while still in college. Ekaterina and Igor together learned the basics of acting at the Schepkinsky School. At first they were just friends, although they showed mutual sympathy for each other. Young people realized that the arrow of Cupid pierced their hearts, when they were both shot in the film "The Best City of the Earth" in 2003.

why Klimov and Petrenko divorced

Burn all bridges

Igor and Catherine were drawn to each other withirresistible force, but both at that time were connected by marriage. Klimova from the school years was married to the current influential businessman Ilya Khoroshilov and raised her daughter Elizabeth. Petrenko was also the legal spouse of the actress Irina Leonova. Both heroes of the service romance decided to forget the falling in love like a dream and return to normal life.

Having finished work on a joint project, they do notmet for a year, but the separation failed to extinguish the feelings that had flared up on the set. Petrenko could not throw his colleague out of his head and after a long time he himself trembled dialed her number. At that moment, the actors realized that their fate had brought them together. They both left the past satellites and began to live together. Why did Igor Petrenko and Ekaterina Klimova divorce after such a romantic and fateful beginning of relations?

why divorced petrenko with the climate

Wedding bells

In 2004, the actors divorced from previousspouses and played their own wedding. The celebration, combined with the celebration of the New Year, took place on December 31. Catherine and Igor came to the registrar late, without even grabbing the ring. After the momentary painting, they hurriedly left the wedding palace to catch the festive table.

To legalize a relationship in love tried to preventex-husband Klimova - Ilya Khoroshilov. He wanted to fix everything, initially asking his ex-wife with luxurious bouquets, and then he moved to practically criminal threats. Nevertheless, Khoroshilov did not manage to force Catherine and Igor to part with the whip or the carrot. But all the same, why did Klimova and Petrenko divorce after so many years of serene happiness?

Ekaterina Klimova why divorced from Petrenko

Like Jolly and Pitt

In 2007, the actors became parents. Ekaterina gave birth to the beloved wife of her son Matvey. A year later, a little Roots appeared.

They managed to combine the warmth of the relationship withactive professional employment. Petrenko starred in the films "Driver for Faith" and "Wolfhound", and also received a major role in the adaptation of Lermontov's novel "The Hero of Our Time." Klimova also played in the films "We are from the future" and "Antikiller DK", miraculously combining the care of the two kids with the filming process. Mutual love inspired the stars to new creative victories. The pair shone at film festivals, inevitably getting comparisons with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The associations turned out to be true in the fact that both of them parted. Why did Klimova and Petrenko divorce?

why divorced the Igor Petrenko and Yekaterina Klimova

Alarm signals

In 2012, Ekaterina and Igor fascinated the publicappearance on "Kinotavr". They were willingly photographed hand in hand, causing affection of all around. However, at other events of the film festival, Klimova spent time without her husband.

In the winter of 2013 in the tabloids appeared photosactress in the arms of the ex-soloist of the "Chelsea" Roman Arkhipov. Journalists in one voice claimed that the shooting of the comedy "Love in the Big City - 3" between the musician and Klimova ran a spark. Whatever it was, it soon became clear that Ekaterina and Igor had not lived together for several months.

Igor Petrenko why divorced from the climate

Loneliness together

In July 2014, the marriage of the once ideal couple wasofficially terminated. Why did Klimova and Petrenko divorce? Both ex-spouses have their own version on this score. In an interview, the journalist asked about the reason for the break in Igor Petrenko. Why divorced from Klimova actor? Petrenko replied that a career in career played a cruel joke with his personal life. The high demand for the actor entailed regular and long departures. He rarely saw his children and his wife, so the former passion gradually came to naught.

Ekaterina Klimova also commented whydivorced from Petrenko. She did not like the constant absence of her husband at home. Klimova understood that this was the cost of the profession, but when Igor appeared at home, he preferred solitude on the couch to conversations with his wife. The situation was aggravated by the fact that during the filming in the series "Sherlock Holmes" the actor became addicted to alcohol. He avoided frank conversations, and Klimova's attempts to start a discussion of the urgent problems ended in a quarrel.

Klimova on the causes of divorce from petrenko

In addition, the actress suspected her husband of treason. Fans pursued Petrenko incessantly, and the actor, apparently, only in pleasure was the admiration for his person and the flirtation directed towards him. Once Igor went to work in St. Petersburg, but stopped contacting an hour before the departure of the return train. Klimova, worried with trembling hands, dialed the telephone numbers of the St. Petersburg hospitals, and eventually found her husband at the restaurant table. Then the actress realized that she and her husband had become strangers to each other forever.


At the moment, both Catherine, and Igor inThe personal life is excellent. Klimova again married in 2015 - for the young actor Gella Meskhi. The difference between Gella and Catherine is eight years, but the lovers do not bother. Soon after the wedding, Klimova gave her new husband a daughter, Bella. She notes that she has no disagreements with her ex-husband. They continue to communicate on the issues of raising their sons.

Petrenko himself also met a new love. Igor's companion was the 24-year-old actress Kristina Brodskaya, who gave birth to her beloved long-awaited daughter Sophia-Caroline.