Demographics of Russia: the results of 2012 and a look into the future

What future awaits the Russian Federation? In recent years, many government programs aimed at increasing the birth rate, improving the quality of life of the population and reducing mortality have been neglected. Does Russia's demographics benefit from all this? What are the statistical data for the past 2012, and what measures still need to be taken?

Unexpected increase or the results of a correct policy?

Demography of Russia
The first half of 2012 was marked by growthnumber of citizens of our country. If you believe the statistics, the increase is small, but it is the first since 1991. We can also note general social improvements: less and less often the causes of the death of our compatriots are the forcible taking of life, suicide or the abuse of beverages containing alcohol, as well as poisoning with low-quality alcoholic products. So what is the demography of Russia in this period? Unexpected leap or gradual ascent? If someone started talking about the likelihood of such a development of events about 5 years ago, for sure, the theory would be taken for a ridiculous joke. Modern demographic reforms in Russia are conducted according to Western models. This is support for families already having children, increasing benefits and introducing additional benefits. But it should be noted that the measures taken are not enough, and in order to preserve the tendency of increasing the birth rate it is necessary to work on many more. Many programs aimed at increasing the life expectancy of the population, but it should be noted that, in fact, demography in Russia does not benefit from them.

Few statistics on mortality and fertility

Demography of Russia 2012
In 2008-2010 for every 1000 peopleEach year, there were up to 15 deaths. At the same time, the similar birth rate rarely exceeded 10 units per thousand. Today, the demography of Russia may well boast of a different situation. 2012 was a period of significant reduction in the death rate, with the birth rate steadily rising. Separately, it should be noted that fewer people die prematurely. Rather, it is the result of a set of measures taken: combating illicit drug trafficking, improving the quality of medical services, anti-alcohol and anti-tobacco laws.

Demographics of Russia: What awaits us tomorrow?

Demography in Russia
To date, the demographic policyRussia identifies three priorities: promoting fertility, increasing life expectancy (ie, reducing annual mortality) and encouraging migration. Already today, programs are really working to provide young families with housing, improving the benefits for large and poor families, increasing the amount of maternity capital and benefits. Why should we wait? Regularly for consideration in the State Duma controversial projects are introduced - starting from childcare payments to all parents, without exception, until it reaches adulthood, up to the introduction of fines for abortion. If the demography of Russia wins after the adoption of some of these laws or not, today it is too early to judge. Just like no one can say with certainty what new measures the state will take to increase the population of the country.