Nudity on the hand: their meaning

Tattoos are so popular today thatdrawings on the body, even in adolescents, do not cause surprise or indignation in others. You can stuff tattoos anywhere, images are also very diverse. But in certain circles there are rules for drawing similar drawings.

Difference in terms

An ordinary citizen calls the figure on the bodytattoo, and only in rare cases you can hear the word "tattoos". Most likely, it will be used in a negative context by a person who is categorically against such actions. But the term "tattoos" is often used by prisoners and people close to the criminal world.


Very often tattoos on the hand are found in people,who, for one reason or another, served their sentence in colonies of various types, including minors. If it is necessary to decipher the meaning of the ring tattoo, it is worth saying that it is for everyone who was convicted (but not necessarily in prison). The number of rings signifies the number of convictions in a person. Accents on the hand of convicts are often black, blue or green. Depending on what kind of ink they are stuffed. So, dark colors are associated with the zone, light colors are associated with hope, freedom. As for the drawing, they are very diverse, but they have a clear meaning. Most often, knowing the meaning, you can already find out by the ring what the person has served. In addition, its place in the criminal hierarchy can also be determined. Accents on the hand of prisoners can be religious, political, romantic and even pornographic. Often tattoos of different meanings coexist or even unite in one (for example, "Believe in God, and not in communism", where a crucifix that burns in the fire is depicted). It is worth noting that the largest tattoos are placed on the shoulder of a person serving a sentence (if we talk only about the hands). The length of the hands can be torn with different inscriptions. A special place for tattooing is the wrist, where you can also place a fairly large information drawing. The importance of napolok on the hands (as well as on the rest of the body) can be classified according to gender: they are male, female, and also defining people with a special sexual orientation in the zone ("cocks").

tattoos on the hand inscriptions

If in a different type of correctional colonydrawing tattoos - a fairly old art, then among the peaceful population of tattoo-culture began to take root not so long ago, about a decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Popular today are various tattoos, including tattoos on the arm. They can be completely different. Often a person applies the desired pattern, especially without thinking about its meaning. After all, ordinary people do not have such strict rules for drawing drawings on the body, like prisoners. But unpleasant surprises can happen to such people if they for some reason have to get to the zone. There's a similar tattoo, if it has its own gangster meaning, it can do much harm to a person. Also, for thieves' tattoos, inflicted by civilians on freedom, will have to answer, if once it happens to catch the eye of a former prisoner. They do it, oh, as they do not like. Therefore, putting tattoos on your hand (inscriptions, drawings, rings), it is worthwhile beforehand to think carefully about how it is right and whether it is necessary to do them at all.