The meaning of tattoos. Scorpio

Among the huge flow of tattoos today, the mostthose that have certain symbols can be called in demand. The value of tattoos, for example, a scorpion, is so great that you can find their intersection with both religion, and with signs, and with very different beliefs. There are a lot of interpretations of this symbol. Let's look at some of them.

value of scorpion tattoos

The meaning of tattoos. Scorpio in the interpretation of different peoples

The image of the scorpion first appeared in Egypt,where he was considered the sacred animal of the goddess Selket. It can be found on amulets, which protected from otherworldly forces. In North America, the scorpion was also considered the patron of the afterlife. He weighed the earthly deeds of man and decided what he deserved after death. African tribes considered the scorpion patron of warriors. He was the embodiment of lethality and militancy. But not in all countries he was such a terrible defender. For example, in China and Japan, a scorpion was considered a symbol of loyalty, love and justice.

The meaning of tattoos. Scorpio and the army

tattoo scorpion value in the army

Many do not even think about what it meansthe tattoo itself. Do it only because the scorpion is their zodiac sign. Although today the significance of symbolism plays a much smaller role than in ancient times. For example, a tattoo of scorpion meaning in the army is very transparent. It is depicted with closed or open claws, which means whether the guy participated or not in combat. A scorpion, depicted in the crosshairs of the sight, means service in a hot spot. In England and France, a scorpion means the courage of a serviceman. And in European countries can mean participation in a gang or any informal movement. Only do not need to imply under this tattoo the criminal past of each of its owners. In prison circles, she has no underlying reason.

Style of tattoo

Most often this tattoo is done on the chest and shoulder,carefully drawing every detail. Colors are used red or blue to emphasize aggression. But it also happens that the image looks pretty stylized, that is, all the frightening features remain as if behind the scenes. Such tattoos are done mostly by girls on the shoulder blade or ankle. The importance of a scorpion tattoo on the shoulder of the girl says that she values ​​independence and seriousness in all respects. It is interesting, is not it?

The meaning of tattoos. Scorpio and its influence on destiny

the value of tattoo scorpion on the scapula

Choose a tattoo in the form of a scorpion usuallystrong, confident people. They seem to show that in any case they will fight for their lives. And if necessary, they will also use a poisonous tail. After all, a scorpion is a resident of the desert, therefore, accustomed to living in harsh conditions. So are people wearing a scorpion tattoo. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are firm and unbending. They always go straight to their goal. And all hardships are perceived as a temporary respite, during which you can either lie back under a stone or fight. That's what a scorpion is. And this tattoo fully underlines all the qualities of a person. And if they are not clearly manifested, then after drawing the pattern they become stronger and become the main features of the character. This is not an illusion, but a confirmed fact.

So we started to study the meaning of tattoos. Scorpio is strength, endurance and determination. The rest will be discussed in other articles.