Values ​​of tattoos: snakes and their symbols

In the East and in the West, there are manylegends associated with snakes. It is known that the first image of this reptile appeared much earlier than the word itself was born. And all the legends contradict each other: somewhere the snake is a friend, and somewhere it is the worst enemy and killer. Many myths represent it at the same time as a symbol of death and rebirth. And in India there is a legend about the cobra, which covered from the sun the sleeping Buddha with its hood. She is a sacred animal of the Hindus. In general, the snake is considered a symbol of wisdom, fertility and femininity.

values ​​of snake tattoos

The values ​​of snake tattoos

It is worth noting that such a pattern is suitable andgirls, and guys. A symbolizes the snake's power in all its manifestations. By the way, it went from the West. It was there that the reptile was considered a symbol of female power and voluptuousness. That's why her tattoo is so popular in combination with the depiction of Adam and Eve. But what is so attractive about this drawing? Everything is simple - a snake can be combined with absolutely any plot. And yet only this tattoo is able to emphasize in the most favorable manner all the curves of the figure. The snake tattoo on the arm has the same meaning as on any other part of the body. But how sexy and incredibly effective it looks! Maybe because women so often prefer this kind of drawing.

tattoo of snakes on hand

What are the values ​​of tattoos: snakes

The figure on which the reptile is depicted looksquite realistic. That is, the tattoo of the snake will reflect its entire essence. Quite often you can see a cobra, intending to dig into the body of the owner. By the way, this drawing will look very impressive, if the snake will vopetsya in the flesh. For a woman, the ideal image of a reptile will be its image along the spine - during movement or dancing, it will appear that the animal is bending and moving. But one thing is for sure: in whatever variant the snake is depicted, it will always be a symbol of wisdom, strength and passion.

The meaning of prison tattoos: a snake

Among the prisoners, tattoos depicting a variety of animals are quite popular. But stand alone are those that refer to the so-called reptiles creeping.

the value of prison snake tattoos
Such drawings are depicted as a supplementto the main tie. The value of snake tattoos in the ranks of criminals is also very ambiguous. For example, for thieves in the law, a reptile often crawls out of the eye sockets of the skull, or wraps a blade around it. You can often see a tattoo depicting a snake in the crown and an apple in the teeth, while it wraps around someone's skeleton. This means - you should not cooperate with the police, the thief can not have a bigger sin. But there are also such values ​​of snake tattoos that do not bode well for the owner: neither behind bars, nor in peaceful life. For example, a snake wrapping a beautiful body means that its owner not only belonged to the camp bottom, but also had not very pleasant connections.

Let's sum up the results

So, the values ​​of snake tattoos are varied. But they all boil down to one - in spite of its not very pleasant appearance, it is a wise and elegant animal, having enormous power over all living things. That's how the tattoo, whoever decides to depict a snake on his body, must possess all of its qualities, well, or at least part of them.