What can mean a tattoo with the letter "C"

People from the most ancient times painted their ownbody - henna, clay, plant juice and other natural dyes. Later they learned how to create indelible patterns by applying pigment under the skin. Since that time nothing fundamentally new has been invented in this field: today tattoos are made by modern typewriters, according to professional sketches and observe all the rules of hygiene, but it is still the same application of paint under the skin.

tattoo with letter c

And in ancient times, and today people attach enormousthe meaning of what exactly these drawings mean. For example, what does a tattoo with the letter "C" mean? This simple and laconic symbol can often be seen on the shoulder or wrist of representatives of informal movements, but almost no one can explain it.

From the history

If you recall the sad events of the pastcentury, then there was a mention of a tattoo with the letter "C". Prisoners in Soviet camps were given the letter and number they were supposed to wear on clothes. But often they were made tattoos - so it was easier to identify the fugitives. In the fascist wartime camps, there was the same practice.

In Russia, even in the 18th century, the exiled settlers and convicts were branded with the letters "SP" and "SK" respectively.

But these are all combinations of letters and numbers, the real meaning of which no one remembers, and not a single letter.

Modern Symbols

What does today mean a tattoo with the letter "C"? All sources of information claim that the Latin symbols do not carry any semantic load. They gain their meaning only in a word - inscriptions are extremely popular in the world of tattoos.

However, there is another option - the symbol meansexactly that much, and what his owner invests in him. That is, for some, the tattoo with the letter "C" is the first letter of its own name, which indicates some egocentrism, for others it is the first letter of the name of a loved one or a child, showing strong and deep feelings. And also this symbol can mean the memory of some event or person.

tattoo on hand

Location of tattoo

Drawings on the skin do not only for themselves, but alsoso that they are appreciated by others. In this case, the tattoo on the arm is a winning option - on the forearm or wrist it will be very clearly visible. But there are exceptions. For example, if you have put too deep a sense and strong feelings in one specific symbol, but you do not have the desire to explain to everyone and everyone exactly what it means. In this case, it is better to place the tattoo where it is not so easy to see: for this, choose the area of ​​the shoulder blades, chest or thighs.

But if you still want to see a tattoo with the letter "C" or other important symbol for you before your eyes, then think of some simple explanation for others, you can of those that were suggested above.