White gold

In jewelry is used quite largeamount of materials. However, white gold is considered special. The ring, for example, from this metal, according to experts, looks most elegant, elegant and stylish, than from any other metal. In America and Europe, there is an increased demand for white gold jewelry.

In Russia, while this metal is not so popular: many still doubt its quality, but for someone it is a real mystery. Not everyone knows what "white gold" is, identifying it with silver, platinum or considering it as a rare fossil. In our country, this metal is far from conquering the pedestals of jewelry fashion, but it is already beginning to attract more attention to itself.

Products made of this metal do not look pompous, but they are distinguished by nobility and majesty. This metal combines luxury and restraint, nobility and refinement. It is always relevant.

White gold is an alloy of gold withplatinum, nickel and palladium. In ordinary gold, in addition to the pure content of this metal, an alloy of silver and copper is included, which practically does not change its color. In white gold, the constituent palladium and nickel change the color of the metal, turning it into white. The more silver in the alloy, the whiter the color turns out.

However, silver is able to give metaldullness, which in some cases is not desirable, since the jewelry produced from it must have a clear sheen, like yellow gold. For this, the method of galvanizing jewelry is covered with rhodium. This procedure also makes the metal more wear-resistant.

According to statistics, about 15% of people observean allergy to nickel, which manifests itself when the metal contacts the skin. Therefore now in EU countries the law limiting the maintenance in jewels of nickel operates. White gold, according to this law, generally should not contain nickel impurities. Therefore, it is replaced with palladium, which does not cause dermatitis. Although nickel has such a valuable characteristic as a very high strength, it allows to achieve special plasticity from the metal, giving it complex shapes and original designs.

Predominantly white gold is used in the manufacture of jewelry with diamonds (as a rule, these are alloys of 750 tests) or natural black pearls.

Gold in its pure form, in principle, is not used injewelry, because it is a soft metal by nature. Jewelry gold includes in its composition impurities of other precious or non-ferrous metals, which give it the necessary strength, and also giving it a shade.

In nature, there is a natural gold alloy (16-69%) with silver, which is called an electrum. Therefore, sometimes it is possible to find the designation of this alloy also by the term "white gold".

Ornaments from this metal are especiallyresistant to weathering compared with yellow gold. For example, a bracelet, white gold in which it is used as the main metal in the frame, will not suffer even with frequent contact with water. By the way, it is bracelets made of this alloy that look particularly good, because the metal has excellent plasticity and is ideal for framing expensive natural stones, emphasizing their radiance and shine.

There is an opinion that white gold is more noble,than its yellow counterpart. It is necessary to understand that the nobility of a metal is determined not by its color, but by its breakdown. The higher it is, the more gold is in the alloy. Therefore, comparing according to the criterion of nobility, white and yellow gold of one sample does not make sense. By "ignoble" is meant alloys of gold, in which besides this metal there are no other precious ones. For example, as a ligature, only nickel is used. Noble white gold excludes the possibility of allergies. Such gold is the most expensive, has impeccable characteristics and a luxurious appearance.