What are the values ​​of wolf tattoos?

Many people tattooedbelonging to a certain circle of society, tribe, people, community, which united on some basis. Such marks helped people immediately identify "their" in the crowd, emphasize their personal qualities and status in society. And very often as an image on the body used a totemic animal - or really revered in the tribe, or the one with which the person identified himself. One of the most popular tattoos of this kind are drawings depicting a wolf. I wonder what it symbolizes?

values ​​of wolf tattoos
Values ​​of tattoos of the wolf are extremely diverse,as well as this animal itself in the culture and mythology of different peoples has many faces - frankly frightening to completely positive. But in general and in general, the wolf symbolizes strength and masculinity in virtually all beliefs of all peoples. This beast is different mind, speed and boundless courage. It also symbolizes the animal principle that is present in every human being. And so the values ​​of the tattoos of the wolf imply that they will be worn by a person with the same qualities: strong, self-confident, perhaps, at times a bit stiff and purposeful. But a soft, good-natured and cowardly guy such a figure on the body just does not fit, it will look out of place and even funny. Also, one should not stuff such a tattoo with those who are windy in their everyday life, because very often this animal symbolizes fidelity - the wolf only once in life chooses a wolf and remains with it until death. This also should not be forgotten if you are going to make yourself such a tattoo.

tattoo howling wolf significance
The values ​​of the wolf tattoos also differ bycontext - depending on how the beast is depicted. For example, drawn at the head of his pack, he gives a reference to the leadership qualities of the owner of a tattoo - most likely, this person knows how to lead many. But the running wolf is associated with a love of speed, risk, and with the ability to achieve their goals, without noticing obstacles, at any cost.

This type of tattoo is also very common -howling wolf. The significance of this image is associated with the positioning of a person as a single person, not bound by the bonds of the family, blood or friendship. Also often this means refusing to follow the foundations of society, ignoring it and opposing oneself to others - say, I'm alone against everyone, and no one needs me.

the value of a wolf tattoo with a grin
In general, this is a very entertaining topic - the meaningtattoos. A wolf with a grin, for example, denotes aggression, which the owner of such a tattoo knowingly warns about others. But the she-wolf depicted (even with sharp fangs) is a symbol of faithfulness, a mother-defender, a companion of life and a highly devoted person. But if the skin of the painted animal is pigmented with white - this is a direct reference to the concept of "white crow". Such a person is extraordinary, unlike the others, often turns out to be unaccepted in the team.

Values ​​of tattoos of the wolf are not limitedonly the above-described options. For some, this animal is a guide to the other world. For others - an unavoidable evil. And for the third - just a "sanitary officer". And nothing prevents when choosing a tattoo to think up its meaning itself, such as how you feel it.