Tattoo Styles. Types of tattoos and their features

Initially, tattoos were, rather, conditionalvalue. It can be said, were certain symbols or ornaments on the human body. Now, tattoos can be safely attributed to a certain kind of art, rather than just drawings on the body. A huge leap in the development of the technique of application over the past decades has led to the emergence of certain styles of tattoo, known throughout the world. You can even find directions that did not exist at all.

A variety of styles of tattoos allow anyonewho wants to emphasize his individuality and choose a tattoo to his liking. We offer you to get acquainted with the meaning and sketches of tattoos of the most famous and widespread species.


Considering the most famous styles of tattoos,we can say with confidence that tattoos in the style of realism - the most spectacular! Despite the fact that realism is one of the relatively young trends, on demand it can compete with other styles that existed for many centuries. The "youth" of this design is due to the fact that in order to recreate realistic images, advanced equipment is needed. Tattoos in the style of realism began to appear in the early twentieth century after the invention of the first mechanical tattoo machine.

tattoos in the style of realism

Features of style realism

It is aimed primarily at defeat by realityimages, rather than on the decor. If you wish to perpetuate the portrait of your idol, relative, any other person close to the heart or even an animal, then this style is for you. The main feature of realism is the "live view" of the highest quality image. The most realistic are three-dimensional tattoos, which look particularly good when you apply a portrait. The work of an experienced master is sometimes difficult to distinguish from real photographs. There is a feeling that the image will now move.

tattoos in the style of realism

Realism is also one of the most difficultdirections. It includes a huge number of nuances in drawing a picture and selecting a color palette. It is worth noting the considerable laboriousness due to the large number of small details. Therefore, if you decide on a tattoo in this style, pay special attention to the choice of the master. It is better to get acquainted with his work and recommendations of clients in advance.

Japanese style

This kind of tattoo is one of the oldest. In Japan, before the era of our era, tattoos were already applied. Japanese style implies a certain meaning in each image. And to this day it is popular. In general, images of Japanese subjects can be conditionally grouped into four sections: mythology and religion, flora, fauna, and also people - representatives of Japanese culture (for example, geisha, samurai, monks).

Each image means something. For example, chrysanthemum is a symbol of perseverance and determination. Among the images of the flora, the most popular is the blossoming cherry blossom, which means the fragility of human existence. Of the animals, the most common images of a dragon and a tiger. The dragon symbolizes wisdom, self-confidence, power. Tiger means bravery, fearlessness.

Japanese style tattoos

Tattoo in the Japanese style is distinguished by the brightness of colors,special attention to detail and visual asymmetry. Very often the image includes several small stories that are added to a certain composition. It is interesting to look at tattoos influenced by the play of the muscles of a man: when they move, the tattoo comes to life. This spectacle fascinates anyone and makes Japanese-style tattoos an irresistible piece of art.

Japanese style tattoos

Chicano style

It originates in Latin America, and itsRapid development began in the state of California in the middle of the last century. Images in this style originated in American prisons, they were inflicted by Mexicans who were serving their sentence there. Tattoos in the style of Chicano represent images of sacred subjects. They are all black in color with fine lines. This feature is due to the fact that tattoos were applied with the help of conventional tools - a sewing needle and ink. Usually prisoners Mexicans put images of important characters for them: the images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, women liked, some phrases that were of particular importance to a certain person.

Tattoos in the style of Chicano

Watercolor style

The appearance of this design completely reversedthe attitude of mankind to tattoos. Now they are regarded as works of art, and not just blue-black drawings on the body. Elegant rainbow tattoos in watercolor style remind, rather, body art under the skin, rather than the usual tattoo. Bright colors and patterns, applied by a needle, like a brush, provide the effect of a painting painted by the artist, which has not even dried. Such tattoos can be considered for hours and receive aesthetic pleasure.

History of creating a watercolor style

His ancestor is Amanda Wachbob,who lives in New York. It all started with the fact that on a typical morning Amanda found on her hand unusual patterns - traces of folds of bed linen. This inspired Amanda to paint similar drawings under the skin to immortalize them. She decided to simulate brush strokes of an ordinary tattoo machine and received an unexpectedly excellent result. Now her work is estimated at $ 350 / hour, and in the queue are recorded for six months ahead. You can paint almost everything from watercolor to portrait, everything will look very exquisite and unusual. Therefore, watercolor style becomes so popular all over the world so quickly, and masters try to master a new method. Despite many other exquisite styles of tattooing, images of this particular type indisputably prove that tattoos are real works of art, and refute the view that they can mutilate the body.

tattoo in the style of Watercolor

Style trash polka

This kind was created by a married couple of tattooistsfrom the city of Wüzburg in West Germany. This name gave birth to their love for folk music of Roma and Germans. The style appeared as a result of manipulations with photographs: the artists created collages from magazine clippings and photos, and then the image was applied on top. Suddenly, a new style of tattoos appeared. Today, many craftsmen around the world use this unique genre. Tattoo style trash, as a rule, consist of two colors - red and black.

Tattoos tattoos

With this design is necessarily associated with the symbolism of death - the images of skulls, crosses, colors of red. These original, stylish tattoos will never go unnoticed by others.