Tattoos and their meaning: tattoo "rose"

Each tattoo has its own meaning. That's why before you fill a tattoo, you should study all possible interpretations of the picture. Even the most ordinary, unremarkable, has its significance. Tattoo "rose" - one of the most common drawings on the body of girls. It is done on the shoulders, legs, stomach, thigh - in general, anywhere. The rose is beautiful and a little spicy ...

The meaning of a rose tattoo

What does it mean?

In each of the countries it has its significance. Tattoo "rose" in China - a symbol of prosperity, in Japan - a symbol of love, passion, in Europe - a symbol of mystery, something uncharted. Whatever it was, but all the interpretations are relatively similar. There are absolutely general provisions.

The meaning of the symbol depends on the color and location. Red rose in the language of any culture - the embodiment of passion, love and beauty. The brighter and more saturated the color, the stronger the passion, the more inconceivable its depth ... The blue rose indicates the dreamer of the bearer of the tattoo.

Such a flower does not exist in the naturalnature, respectively, the blue rose on the body - a symbol of the impossible and unattainable. It can be filled only by an extraordinary person who does not swim with the flow, does not reconcile with generally accepted standards, but seeks his destination and achieves the goal. The white rose speaks of the purity and humility of the bearer, emphasizing her innocence. The golden flower symbolizes spiritual perfection, infallibility. Here is a multi-faceted tattoo "rose" ...

Tattoo rose value
Its value is also derived from the dimensions, shape,presence of some elements. So, the withered rose is a symbol of past love, bitter separation, break. Spikes on roses always mean any obstacles or "prickly" character of the possessor. If this rose is red, then in order to achieve love, I had to go through much.

Perhaps, the meaning of the tattoo of a rose is the brightestnarrates the Greek myth. Rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. According to the legend, there were only white flowers in nature. The red rose grew out of the blood of Aphrodite's lover, Adonis, becoming a symbol of passion and true love. The interpretations can be very different, the shades of meaning are also, but one thing remains common: the rose symbolizes love, which even death can not overcome.

The tattoo looks very impressive, no matter whatwas its value. The tattoo "rose" on the hand will immediately catch your eye. Also, often make a rose on the shoulder, the stem of which drops lower and reaches the elbow. In general, there are many options. Often combine different motifs, for example, combine a rose and an inscription, and then the drawing takes on special significance.

Value of a rose on a hand
The rose tattoo should be unique: for each client the master selects an individual variant: "his" bends, shades, strokes depending on what the tattoo artist wants to express.

Do not forget about the meaning of tattoos,which do in places not so remote. So, a rose in prison means a ruined youth, and a rose with a knife or dagger is revenge for betrayal in love or treason. But, naturally, these tattoos look a little different, so they are difficult to confuse with the author's work.