Sun: tattoo and its meaning

sun tattoo
Tattoos today makes every second residentplanet. The symbol that will decorate the body, everyone chooses. But you should know the meaning of the picture that you have chosen. For example, let's analyze the meaning of the tattoo "sun". This drawing has always attracted a person as a symbol of warmth, fertility and light. It gives life to everything on earth, and the history of the symbol is very interesting. Thus, in the Aztecs the day-light was worshiped as a deity, it was considered a symbol of freedom, but the sun (tattoos in particular) could only be worn by glorified warriors and shamans. In Christians it was a symbol of the supreme power of God. In Japan, the sun, the tattoo of which could be seen on the priestess's shoulder, meant serving a fertility goddess who took on the image of a snake. The Greeks said that the sun is an all-seeing eye that always follows mortals and from which it is impossible to hide.

value of tattoo sun
The meaning of the tattoo "sun"

By itself this very bright andcolorful, but at the same time extremely simple. It can be combined with other images. The "sun" tattoo, whose sketches can be viewed in the salon catalog, provides a full scope for the master's fantasy.

He can add as many colors to it and makeThe image is as bright as the palette allows, the sense of color or the desire of the client. Combining the sun drawing with other motifs, you can create an excellent picture on the body or tell a story. For example, if the sun-tattoo - the master combines with the Moon or the Earth, it symbolizes the union of male and female energy in one person.

That is, the figure makes it clear that its owner -a self-sufficient and independent person, strong and reliable. Most likely, the tattoo "sun" of all values ​​has only one negative - the scorching star on the human body means anger, revenge and a thirst for blood. Such drawings are done extremely rarely and only when a person is brought to despair and seeks to destroy the enemy.

tatto solt sketches
It's understandable, because the sun - the tattoo is very energetically powerful, which means that it can become both a talisman and a responsibility that you will bear all your life.

By the way, it is notrecommended. The symbol of female energy is the Moon or the Earth, and the Sun is a male tattoo. Traditionally, it is depicted surrounded by stars or with animals such as dragon, tiger or phoenix. According to the beliefs, this combination strengthens the defenses and gives the owner of the picture health, power and power. Today, this sign is considered a symbol of individualists, creators. He makes it clear that the owner of a tattoo is strong, brave, it is impossible to break it. And it is also believed that this is a sign of the degeneration of the physical force into spiritual strength. Knowingly the sun was considered the rune of life of the ancient Aztecs - it was cut out on the grave that the soul of the deceased could move into a new body and continue to do great things.

That's all that is known about the tattoo in the form of the sun. So if you are a brave and strong person with the makings of a leader, but who lacks determination, this is your sign. He will help to make decisions correctly and become a kind of talisman that you will never lose and will not forget. Dare!