Anchor - an interesting tattoo

anchor tattoo
Tattooing is one of the hallmarks of people's differencesa certain circle. It has been so since ancient times that members of the same community, in order to distinguish each other, determine the place in the hierarchy and simply emphasize the uniqueness of their status, used images on the skin. They could be on visible parts of the body or, as in the case of secret societies, on the contrary, they are carefully concealed by clothing. However, in any case, the tattoo was of great importance, it was a symbol of a certain kind.

One of the most common subjects was the anchor. Tatu with his image first met in the time of Ancient Egypt. Later this symbol appeared in the faithful Christians, pirates, and among the seamen communities. He also met with the ancient Greeks, in ancient culture, Hinduism. What is an anchor, a tattoo with it or its elements?

anchor tattoo value
As mentioned above, the first tattoo with anchorsappeared in Egypt. There they signified the universe, the union of male and female beginnings. The bottom of the anchor, its paws, resembling a rook in shape, symbolized the female womb. And the upper part is the beginning of the male. Therefore, the anchor himself (the tattoo with him) wore a sacral character.

Religious significance

Later this symbol passed to the Christians. In this religion the anchor was associated with hope, first of all - with the hope of salvation - the basis of Christianity. This symbol was decorated with the first tombstones, monuments, it was often found in the decoration of churches. And for true Christians, the anchor, the tattoo with the image of which pilgrims often made, promised to become a kind of amulet, guaranteeing a reliable jetty, as it provides its ship.

Since the beginning of the Renaissance the mainfans of the anchor as a symbol were predictably pirates and seafarers. He still meant hope, but now to this list people who stuffed the anchor tatu added love to the sea, the desire to identify belonging to the sea elements, their freedom and the talent of the seafarer. In addition, there was often a combination in the tattoo of an anchor and a dolphin - two opposites, stability and speed. Such images are still adorned by sailors in all countries of the world. And in the US, a tattoo with an anchor is an indispensable attribute of any "sea seal", a representative of the elite troops of the corresponding infantry.

what does the tattoo
"Anchor" -tata: the meaning

Among other things, in many religious teachingssuch an image has a mythical meaning. He is associated with the ancient Greek god of the seas Poseidon, the mythical half-human half-fish Triton, the goddess Amphitrite (the mother of dolphins) and the Hindu deity of the sea Varuna, who was in charge of custody of people killed in the sea depths.


Now look for deep characters in tattoos withanchor is not worth it. Yes, it is still done by representatives of the Coast Guard, marine specialties. But more and more often the anchor becomes just a beautiful element of the tattoo, not carrying a special meaning. So if you decide to make a tattoo with this symbol, you can quite think up your own meaning for it, and it will be true too.