Light and feminine sweatshirt

Here is already the season jacket "bat"is an indispensable attribute in the wardrobe of many women of fashion. It is interesting that the model was invented as a modernization of the Japanese kimono and enjoyed immense popularity after the Second World War.

Jacket bat
She received her name because of unusualsleeves that resemble the wings of a bat. The thing is that this model can hide the significant drawbacks of the figure, emphasize the silhouette. This element of the wardrobe is ideally combined with narrow trousers and skirts. In order not to waste time looking for the perfect thing, it is better to make it with your own hands, especially since it is not so difficult.

Jacket "bat", a pattern which is built intwo accounts, sewing is also easy and without fuss. Also, you can draw it directly on the fabric with the help of a remnant or a piece of chalk. This model is also good in that it can be sewn entirely from any material. Knitting fabric is the best choice. The length should be about 2 meters wide and 1 meter long. Take care of the threads of the right color, soap, needles. Sew a sweater on a sewing machine with an overlock.

To begin with, fold a piece of fabric in half, the frontside inwards. Next, fold again in half (vertical). After that, outline the chalk contours, thereby peresnimaya pattern from the paper on the canvas. To simplify this process, you can attach your favorite blouse and depict it, adding to the model. It should be noted that the sweatshirt "bat" must certainly have a one-piece sleeve, so when picking up stuff in the store, be sure to ask you to cut off two lengths.

Sweatshirt bat pattern

Cut the fabric around the outline, spread it out. Scissors make a neckline.
Fold the details face down inside. Make an indent from the edge about a centimeter and attach the machine line. Turn the workpiece back. The sweater bat can have both loose and classic sleeves - for your taste. The main thing is to treat them competently at the edges, so that the whole product sits on the figure smoothly and beautifully, rather than twisting in different directions. Then, cut the neckline. To do this, cut a strip of fabric and place it on the workpiece so that the edges match. Cut off excess fabric from the wrong side. In the end, make sure that all the seams are strong, secure and cut the threads.
Jacket bat with knitting needles

Use different decor elements. Jacket "bat" will be interesting to look with different brooches, large beads. To fix, use special glue or sew parts with threads. When choosing jewelry, make sure that they will withstand the washing of the product. Do not overdo it with the decor. Design should be without too much frills.

For the winter season, the model is irreplaceable,bound from yarn. The sweater "bat" knits quite easily according to the schemes available to even beginners. For such a product, it is better to choose natural wool, since it warms well in the cold season. To wear a knitted pattern is best with a turtleneck. As jewelry, various beads are suitable. For a light sweater choose light stones, pearls, for dark shades - on the contrary. If you do not like long sleeves, they can always be shortened on the model, creating a very feminine silhouette.