Crown tattoo: the symbol value

We all know that the crown is a symbolican object of monarchy rule. This headdress already on a subconscious level causes associations with individual and unlimited power. Therefore, today many seek to make themselves a tattoo "crown", the meaning of which in most cases remains traditional and symbolizes excellence.

tattoo crown value

"Crown" on the body

"Royal" tattoo does not have a sexualaccessories and can be stuffed in both the female and the male body. However, the value changes slightly. The girl who made herself a crown tattoo, puts this value: she seeks to rise above her friends around her, informing the outside world about her "privileged" status of the princess, which she herself appropriated. It's probably so in conscious age expressed the desire of every little girl to become a princess, and then a queen. The tattoo "crown", the meaning of which we consider, made by a woman, in most cases is a way of self-expression, which is intended to communicate its superiority, originality and selectivity. Another tattoo "crown" girls are doing to demonstrate to men their higher position and rivalry with them in all areas of life.

tattoo crown value

Crown tattoo: the meaning

All tattoos have some definite meaning,value. Many of them came from the prison subculture, in which tattoos serve as distinctive "marks" and can often tell about their master much more than himself. Located on the shoulder or on the chest, the "crown", which crowns the head of the snake, gives out a thief in law, who keeps himself apart from ordinary criminals and guides them. Another tattoo "crown" meaning in the criminal world has this: a prisoner with this symbol committed a serious crime or demonstrates his disobedience to the correctional system. For other cultures, the crown, made in the form of an illuminated symbol, has divine significance and personifies higher powers. Also, the crown as a tattoo is accepted in criminal circles, in particular with street thieves and hooligans. It is depicted along with a tiger holding it in its paw. Such a composition produces an aggressive impression and is intended to inform others about the presence of a propensity and readiness for violence against its master. "Crown" in the form of red card suits is inherent in homosexuals, but what they want to express with such a symbol, a wide circle is not exactly known. There is evidence that such a tattoo in people with this orientation can be carried out in a violent way.

the price of a tattoo

Crown image

Today, a tattoo with this monarch's crown is madeon the most different parts of the body: behind the ear, on the ankle, wrist, neck, shoulder, back and so on - like imagination and sense of proportion allow. Girls prefer small, neat and refined images, guys, of course, are more large-scale and rude. From this, by the way, and the price of the tattoo depends. Someone does the tattoo in secluded places, not wanting to advertise their love for the native painting (so, for themselves), but someone, on the contrary, - in prominent parts, to demonstrate their originality. Often the crown is depicted in combination with other objects. This is done to emphasize their importance. For example, in Korea, the crown is depicted with a turtle, thereby highlighting its characteristic qualities - wisdom and longevity. The crown depicted on the left side of the chest is considered a talisman for luck, and on the back - a symbol of the experience of humiliation. Basically, the crown is packed exclusively as a fashionable and iconic attribute of modern tattoo art.