marketing communications system

Well-established system of marketingcommunications organization is an important condition for its functioning as a full-fledged economic unit, and also affects the successful market position. The impact of communications in the constantly changing market conditions is very important, as the market is saturated with more and more goods. In addition, consumers want to meet their growing needs, and methods of competition, change in the direction of complexity, using more sophisticated means of working with information.

To plan production and marketing of productshad a positive dynamics, it is necessary to learn how to sell, produce little, and form a direct sales channel. Using incentive means, it is necessary to achieve that the competitive advantages (distinctive properties) of the goods sold are known to the target buyers.

The system of marketing communications sets two interrelated goals: to make the product attractive and the commodity to be known. What communication channels should this system use?

Communication channels or a communication complex are:

- staff work in terms of personal sales;

- advertising;

- ways to stimulate sales;

- public relations.

The work of staff in terms of personal sales iscommunication, representing personal and bilateral contact (dialogue), the purpose of which is to motivate the customer to purchase, in addition, sales are nothing more than a source of information for research.

Advertising is a paid form of unilateral mass communication, coming from a certain source, and is a direct or indirect support for marketing activities of the organization.

Stimulation of sales supplements advertising and staff work in terms of personal sales and aimed at expanding and increasing the sales volume of a certain product.

Public relations is apurposeful actions to create a psychological climate of mutual trust and understanding between the commodity and its audience. In this regard, the goal of communication is not to sell the goods, but to provide support for actions in the moral plane.

In addition to these traditional means, it is necessary to mention the means of direct communication: fairs, sale through catalogs, exhibitions, telemarketing.

Communication channels should work in conjunction,and therefore it is necessary to correctly allocate the budget for communication between communications, based on the specifics of the goods being sold and communication tasks.

The marketing communications system has twoThe main means that have the greatest impact on sales results. This is the work of the staff in terms of personal sales and advertising channels. Intending to use these channels, it is necessary to understand when direct contacts are more effective than advertising.

Of course, personal sales outperform advertising byits effectiveness. But, the advantages of advertising in its value. After all, one contact with the audience through advertising is many times cheaper than using personal contacts with potential customers.

Advertising allows for a short period of timeto communicate with a large number of customers, while even the best seller is limited to an hourly frame. At the same time, as applied to a specific product with a narrow range of consumers, the effectiveness of personal sales is undoubtedly higher.

The system of marketing communications is atwo-sided process. It affects the potential audience, at the same time, receiving counter information about the expectations and reactions of the audience. The unity of these components allows to achieve a positive effect in sales.