Styles of tattoo. Tattoo style realism

Since ancient times people have been typing tattoos toto test the future warrior with pain. Status, merit and the history of the family - all this became the basis of the drawing on the skin. Now the tattoos are, rather, decorative than the sacred meaning. Girls adorn themselves with elegant patterns, brutal men emphasize their masculinity with serious realistic pictures. The styles of tattoo, actual for today, are so diverse that everyone can choose their own, unique and bright. Each tattoo carries its message to society, you can find out about which the tattoo artist can do at the salon, or you can conduct your own investigation by reading the relevant literature.

styles of tattoo


Chicano-tattoo style, born in Latin Americanprisons, reflects the most basic aspects of a person's life, leading a not too righteous lifestyle. This money, weapons, playing cards, bones and beautiful girls. In the favors and elements associated with faith. Also, the style of chicano-tatu can be seen in works depicting slogans important to human beings, words, dates and names. Traditionally, such tattoos are made with black ink with penumbraes, spectacular transitions, but today in fashion and contrasting blotches, for example, red or white, making the drawing even more bold and bright.

Chicano style tattoos

Style realism

One of the most effective ways to decorate anypart of the body - a tattoo in the style of realism. The possibilities of modern tattoo parlors are almost unlimited. A top-notch master thanks to special equipment is able to fill a super complicated and truly realistic drawing. It can be an image of a wild beast, a photo of a loved one or a frame from a movie. The main distinguishing feature of the tattoo in the style of realism is the transmission of an image with photographic accuracy. And the work is so complicated and laborious that it can be entrusted only to a specialist of the extra class who has proved his ability not only to draw well, but to apply realistic drawings to a pretty capricious elastic skin. Only so your tattoo can become a real decoration, not a caricature.

tattoo style realism

Biomechanics style and three-dimensional tattoo

Recently, popularity is gaining and style,called biomechanics. The combination of biological motives and technical innovations allows the tattoo owner to feel like a hero of a fantastic film. Unconventional drawings will surely appeal to people who want to stand out and demonstrate their individuality. The direction that appeared in the eighties of the last century is a symbiosis of realism and the Trible style.

3d-tattoos that are at a certain anglevisions become voluminous, - the most effective direction of realism. The scorpion on the shoulder seems really alive and dangerous, and the butterfly on the collarbone seems to be about to fly up into the sky. This effect is achieved due to a harmonious combination of accurate lines, complex shadows and background. Tattoo styles based on realism are also the most difficult varieties of drawings on the skin, so you can only trust a real professional to work.

Ethnic ornaments

Ancient ornaments of different nations of the world are inspiredstyles of tattoos, called ethnic. This and Celtic patterns that gave tattoo parlors the famous "wickerwork", oriental hieroglyphs, Native American designs, Scandinavian patterns, etc. Among the ethnic are the Polynesian and Aztec patterns, tribal traits are tribal patterns. At one time, each such tattoo had a specific meaning - it reported on the history of the family, demonstrated the achievements and victories of a man whose body is decorated with bizarre ornaments. Today, drawings are chosen on the principle of "like - do not like". However, it is not superfluous to find out what exactly this hieroglyph or pattern means.

Tattoos in oriental style

Chinese people who got carried away with tattooingon the body for a long time, never pursued the goal of creating a pattern of the cult. No psychological difficulties, religious problems and special mystery. For China, tattoos are characteristic, which simply indicate belonging to a family family. Does the name mean "blue dragon"? Hence, it is the blue dragon that will decorate the body of a family member.

tattoos in Japanese style

Much more difficult to choose a tattoo fit inJapan. By the way, the Japanese borrowed the basics of art from the Chinese. After perfected and awarded with features familiar to each tattoo artist. All tattoos in the Japanese style are divided into two groups. The first - irizumi - has its history from the 17th century, when criminals were forcibly tattooed with certain patterns. Later, tattoos became a symbol of clan belonging. And special attention was paid to the color of the pattern.

A group of gamans is a tattoo designedshow the best male qualities of the carrier, for example, patience and courage. The process of tattooing began with the psychological preparation of a person. It is isolation from the outside world, difficult work and preparation of both body and spirit. Only those who have adequately passed the test, were awarded the honor of surrendering to the hands of masters, who for several months sculpting their real masterpieces. Another unusual kind of Japanese tattoo is kakusi-boro. In the cuts on the skin rubbed rice powder. A white image can be seen only after a bath or a strong excitement.

Old School Tattoo

Do not lose its popularity and old-style tattoo -The style, which appeared thanks to the sailors, generously decorating their bodies with original and rather simple ornaments. Each small detail of the picture has a certain meaning, close to each person. These are birds and hearts, ships and plants, faces and images. Often in one figure, a real message or prayer is encrypted.

Old Style Tattoo

Modern tattoo art has made the old style even more vivid, contrasting and attractive, as well as more complex. Original "sleeves", made in the same style of old-school.

Trash Polka

The combination of folklore subjects, geometric andgraphic elements - all this is a thrash polka style. Black and red colors, the symbolism of death and brightness are the obligatory characteristic features of the direction. Tattoo style trash, sketches which fascinate, and sometimes scare, can not help attracting attention. Looks like this work is equally interesting on any part of the body.

tattoo in the style of trash sketches

However, most often they cover the back and chest,places that allow you to fully express your imagination and show the beauty of the picture. Quite often trash is combined with other elements and styles, which makes the tattoo truly unique and beautiful. All styles of tattoos have their own characteristics, but the trash polka is one of the most recognizable among them.