Types of tattoos and their meaning

Tattoo is a form of body modification createdby introducing indelible ink into the skin layer of the dermis in order to change its pigment. For the first time the word "tattoo" is mentioned in the logbook of Joseph Banks (1743 - 1820), a naturalist who sailed on board James Cook's ship "Endeavor." He wrote: "I want to mention the way they put indelible marks on their bodies - each is marked according to their mores and inclinations." Thus, the word "tattoo" came to Europe when James Cook returned from his expedition to Tahiti and New Zealand, publishing a magazine with a mention of a certain process called "tatau" (previously he described such words as "scarification" or "drawing" ). Unlike the modern drawing process in specialized salons, Maori tattoos (a tribe living in New Zealand) are still applied to the skin as a sacred ritual. Typically, they are spiral lines on various parts of the body in men and women, and are performed with charcoal and chopsticks.

types of tattoos

Types of tattoos and their meaning

Conditionally, there are 5 types of tattoos:

  1. Traumatic, or so-called "natural tattoos", which are the result of accidents on the roads, damage by the ink pen, etc.
  2. Amateur.
  3. Professional.
  4. Cosmetic types of tattoos, known as "permanent make-up."
  5. Medical tattoos.

It is known that workers in coal mines canthere are specific marks due to the ingress of coal dust into the wounds. This can also occur under the influence of black powder or in cases where substances such as asphalt enter the skin. Typically, traumatic tattoos are difficult to remove, since they can spread to several layers of the skin, and discoloration and scars are inevitable.

tattoos of Maori

Amateur and professional types of tattooscan be part of the initiation rite, point to the status, be symbols of religious affiliation, courage, love, serve to enhance sexual attraction, play the role of amulets and talismans, be applied to the skin as punishment and so on.

Symbolism and the purpose of tattoos vary according to location and culture. A tattoo can show feelings about relatives (usually mother or child) or close people.

Today the pattern is often applied in decorative,cosmetic, memorable, religious or magical purposes, as well as to identify their belonging to groups, including criminal groups.

Types of tattoos and their meaning
Cosmetic Surgery Industries in the meantimeThe popularity of this phenomenon is used for its own purposes. Cosmetic types of tattoos are used as a make-up or to neutralize skin pigmentation disorders.

Permanent make-up includes tattoo of eyebrows, lips, eyes and even moles.

Medical types of tattoos allow to provide accuracy in certain types of operations and therapy.

Sometimes they are used to deliver some important information about the carrier (blood type, health status, etc.).

Among other things, flesh colored tattoos can be applied to hide vitiligo, a violation of the pigmentation of the skin.