Firebird (tattoo): symbolic meaning and influence on the possessor

Fashion for tattoos is eternal. People have long sought to decorate their body with intricate patterns that remind them of one or another event in their life. Some, of course, do not imply a specific meaning in the chosen tattoo, but this does not mean that the image does not. One of the most common and beautiful pictures on the body is the mythical Firebird. A tattoo of this kind of fairy-tale orientation is meant to be a bright ornament on the human body, which in a difficult moment will make you smile and remember something bright.

The image of Russian fairy tales

This magic creature in Russia was considered a symbolrebirth, a new life and even a resurrection, which connects him with an overseas brother - Phoenix. Light and rebirth from the ashes - the main features of living lights that came to us from legends. In ancient times this bird was for the Slavs a kind of deity, which was responsible for sunlight. Our ancestors really believed that they were protected by none other than the Firebird.

tattoo fire bird value

A tattoo, like the mythical creature itself, can also be responsible for the sun only in the human soul, not in the sky.

This fictional character was closely associated withfire, and not only because of its sultry appearance. As the fire can burn forever, changing from one log to another, so the Firebird was a dying, then a newly born magical creature. Hence the ancient Roman tradition of painting the bird on coins, because it was believed that this is a symbol of the inviolability and eternal life of the state.

As for later times, in times ofthe spread of Christianity in Russia, the Firebird was considered the symbol of the eternal life of the soul. A tattoo with this image also has a life-affirming meaning.

heat bird tattoo

There are many examples where a tattoo inroots changed the nature of the person, for example, the skull image does not bring anything good, and a picture with a kitten or a puppy will make its owner softer and friendly. Proceeding from the above, it is possible to say with certainty that the Firebird tattoo has a positive value and does not bode well for its owner.

Meaning of tattoo

However beautiful as the image of the Firebirdin the ancient Russian culture, it is impossible to interpret it as absolutely positive, from the point of view of tattoos. The first and most basic is immortality - here just comes to mind the bird Phoenix.

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The following interpretation differs from the previous ones. It is noteworthy that, among other things, the cosmic symbol of infinity can identify the Firebird. Tatu will give the owner a powerful defense against bad influence only if the person himself puts such a meaning into it. Otherwise it will "burn" the owner, that is, change its essence. He can completely change his tastes and become a completely different person.

How do they represent the Firebird on a tattoo?

Very good looking bird on hand in the form ofa variegated sleeve. It can be multicolored and shimmer with all shades of the rainbow or consist of the usual bright orange or scarlet. Often, a fairy-tale bird is depicted in flight - it seems to flit from the chest to the hand of its owner, reliably guarding it from the evil eye. Feather feathers look good on the back. It looks very impressive when bright, like fiery feathers, decorate the skin.

heat bird tattoo

There are a lot of images, but only the fan of drawings on his body will decide what will be his Firebird (tattoo). You can see a photo with different variants of tattoos in the article.