In which cases is it appropriate to use Roman numerals for tattoos?

One of the most popular ways todayto emphasize one's own personality - to make a tattoo. It is said a lot that it is necessary to choose the native images with special responsibility, only with full confidence that in a few years the stuffed tattoo will not get tired. And, indeed, many tattoo owners choose sketches with deep meaning, and not just focusing on their attractive appearance. An excellent option for such tattoos - Roman numerals, with which you can depict any number.

Did the Roman figures really come up with the Romans?

Roman Numeral Tattoo
Before applying to your skin anysymbol, it is necessary to thoroughly study its meaning. It is not for nothing that even today many people believe that tattoos can greatly change the life and destiny of a person. Roman numerals were indeed used in the Ancient Roman state everywhere. However, interesting is the fact that even 500 years before our era, these symbols already knew the Etruscans. According to some versions, they could borrow them from Proto-Celts. However, in any case, if you are doing a tattoo, the Roman numerals can be used for their direct purpose - for writing and expressing numbers. Any resident of our country can write "in Roman" any number up to 20 inclusive, without hesitation. But in fact, using Roman numerals, you can express any number - billions, millions. If you want to fill a tattoo with a complex and large number, it makes sense to consult a specialist to help you in the correct spelling.

Tattoos with dates that can not be forgotten

In what cases is it appropriate to do tattoos, figuresRoman using for writing numbers? The most popular option is to "record" important dates on your skin in a similar way. The birthdays of children or parents are most often filled. Romantic lovers make paired tattoos, according to which you can read the year of the beginning of the relationship or the date of the wedding. But keep in mind, if you choose a similar tattoo, the Roman numerals, the value of which any educated person knows today, can not hide the secret of the applied image and everyone will understand it. Often this option is chosen to write your own "lucky" number.

What you need to know about tattoos with Roman numerals?

Tattoo Roman numerals
If you plan to stuff some skin on your skindate, a combination of numbers is logical to break, using punctuation. Usually, the symbols "-" or "." Are used for this, also "/" is appropriate. Choosing the tattoo "Numbers Roman", you can experiment with the style of writing, and the font color. However, the classical strict option, filled with black paint with observance of strict forms, looks good too.