Tattoo "Fire": meaning

Fire at all times symbolized different things.After all, in some cases, it can save lives, while in others it can be ruthlessly taken away. The same happens with the values ​​of the tattoo. Let's get acquainted with them.

Tattoo "Fire": meaning

Such a tattoo can have a different meaning.In some cases, fire means strength, power and destruction, which no living creature can cope with. In others, the tattoo "Fire" symbolizes fervent and passionate love, which overcomes even the most difficult obstacles on its way.

flame tattoo
Also this image can symbolizerebirth, meaning that a person completely got rid of a past life and decided to start building it anew. His new life is full of unexpected changes and updates.

The tattoo "Fire" can also be deciphered as a secret sign.Such a figure can be found in people with a rich and very developed inner world. In this case, the flame shows: its owner is sure that he will overcome all obstacles and cope with his soul.

The last and most incredible value of fire ismystical or divine overtones. In the first case, the owner of a fire tattoo is sure that the flame will help him to gain magical powers for carrying out various rituals. In the second, the fire that ascends to heaven represents a prayer carried away with smoke to God.

Fire in combinations with other elements

Knowing all the interpretations of fire tattoos, it is not difficultguess what to reveal the secret, hidden in the image, it will be difficult. Therefore, it is necessary, above all, to pay attention to additional items that are on the tattoo. For example, if the heart is burning in the fire, then immediately you can understand that the tattoo means love.

flame tattoo on hand
When there is an animal inside the flame,to assume that in a person there are negative emotions, ready to break out. The image of an object, such as a book covered in fire, indicates evil intentions and depravity of man. The picture of a fiery vehicle indicates the impatience of its owner, as well as the reluctance to stop at the right time.

Picture Location

The location of the "fiery" tattoo can be completely different. In this case, everything depends on the individual's preferences.

tattoo fire value
However, most of the visitors of the salons choose the shoulder, biceps, chest or back. Also looks good tattoo "Fire" on his hand. In the above places, any image looks impressive.

tattoo fire value
The meaning of the "fiery" tattoo depends on where it is located.

Flame on the chest means mental anguish fromundivided love or self-sacrifice. The tattoo "Fire" on the legs indicates that the person is in a hurry to live, always in a hurry somewhere. A tattoo in the groin area shows that its owner has increased sexuality.


Now you know what tattoos can meana picture of fire. We also figured out where this pattern is most often made. In general, each person has the right to make his choice and to stick a tattoo where he likes.