Value and versions of the tattoo "Mountains"

The tattoo "Mountains" on the body looks very beautiful, reflects the details of steepness and stony, and also the tattoo gives a feeling of roughness, bulkiness. Very often the value of tattoo is endurance.

Tattoo "Mountains": meaning

Mountains are considered mystical places, they are difficultorientated, there are many unknown places that create mystical impressions. So we get the first value of the tattoo "Mountains" - mysticism. A person with such a pattern can emphasize his individuality, secretiveness, mysticism.

In fact, it all depends on yourinterpretation, only the tattoo carrier can know the true meaning and history of the appearance of this picture. Tatu "Mountains" does not bore any bad value, so you can do it even just because of the beauty.

There is also a more general meaning, for example, the mountainis a symbol of power and power. Whatever happens: natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis and so on), the human factor - the mountain will remain unchanged. Another possible variant of the interpretation is a love of travel or a symbol of serious problems you have experienced.

Visual appeal

Regardless of the meaning of the tattoo"Mountains" is an excellent choice. Variants of images simply amaze with the variety. Another good thing is that this image can be placed almost anywhere on your body. As in more open and spacious places (back, abdomen), and on limited (arm, leg, neck).

Below are the photos that can inspire you. This photo shows the silhouette of mountain ranges, as you can see, looks very beautiful in the performance of "tattoo bracelet".

mountain tattoo

Two sides

The next version shows twoside. One shows all the roughnesses and details, and the second one is clean, smooth, smooth. Such a tattoo can say that you are a versatile person, you can be both explosive, cheerful, the soul of the company, and a calm, balanced family man.

tattoo mountains value

Also, tattoos of mountains can be performed jointlywith images of trees, birds, sun. Such a landscape is often found in the performance of the "tattoo sleeve", they are very common among the stronger sex. Value is usually strength and endurance.


Girls prefer neat, inconspicuous tattoos that are not conspicuous. Such places are very common: the neck, the leg. The following photo shows an example of such a tattoo.


Whatever the place, the version of the performance you choose, there is no negative value for this tattoo.