Tattoo geometry: the values ​​of different shapes

The tattoo "geometry" is a special categorydrawings. Such images may have a different mystical meaning. It is believed that a person who has such a tattoo, in life, waiting for luck and luck, and in the relationship - honesty and sincerity. Let's consider in more detail, what value tattoo "geometry" in itself bears.

Six-pointed star

tattoo geometry
A six-pointed star is also called a hexagram. Such a figure has the form of two connected polar triangles. They are superimposed on each other, resulting in a star. The triangle directed upwards is a symbol of the sky, and the downward-directed symbol of the earth. Together they symbolize the person who unites these two worlds. Such a tattoo means perfect marriage, which involves a man and a woman.


The tattoo "geometry" in the form of a triangle issymbol of marriage, security, flame, trinity (body-soul-mind), physical stability. Three connected triangles symbolize perfect health. And if two triangles intersect each other, such a tattoo expresses the divinity, the victory of the spirit over matter.


The tattoo "geometry" (photo below) in the form of a square symbolizes simplicity, wisdom, truth, honor, justice.

A circle

Tattoo in the form of a circle symbolizes unity,infinity, perfection. It can also be a symbol of the deity for which the sun is usually taken. If a circle is shown, divided in half, it can act as a symbol of day and night, or summer and winter.

tattoo geometry photo

Straight line

The tattoo "geometry" in the form of an even line isthe most common symbol. It can be deciphered as an arrow, and if it is depicted as a zigzag or a spiral, it can symbolize thunder, earth, snake and the like. The meander plays a special role. This is a continuous line, broken at a right angle. It is a symbol of eternity, lack of beginning and end, and the Chinese consider the meander symbol of reincarnation.


The Pentagon is a geometric figure in the forma regular pentagon (a star). It symbolizes eternity, perfection, the universe. This figure is considered an amulet of health, and can also symbolize the five wounds of Jesus. Jews consider the Pentagon a symbol of success, and the Japanese - a sign of a high position in society.


A hexagon is called a regular hexagon. The tattoo "geometry" in the form of this figure symbolizes abundance, beauty, freedom, harmony, love, peace, pleasure.


A pentagram written with the help of onecontinuous line, is the most ancient symbol that is known to mankind. In different historical periods, people interpreted it in different ways. The Egyptians considered it a symbol of the stars. A more modern explanation for this figure: the significance of the five senses of a person, the presence of harmony, health, mystical powers. In addition, the pentagram symbolizes safety and well-being.

value of tattoo geometry


In nature, the shape of the spiral is found in manyplaces. For example, drawings on the fingers of a person, a DNA molecule, various natural phenomena (tornadoes). This figure symbolizes time, cyclic rhythms, the change of seasons.

So, we have examined various geometricfigures that are most often chosen as images for tattoos. Each figure has its own meaning. Before deciding to fill a tattoo with a particular sign, you need to carefully study what they mean.