Men's tattoo on the thigh: value and photo

Scientists have found that male tattoos appeared at least five thousand years ago. They had a special meaning and significance, which allocated the carrier among his fellow tribesmen.

men's tattoos on the hip

According to the picture it was possible to understand to which tribethe warrior belongs, which animal he considers totem, what social status he has, whether he is lucky in hunting and in battle. Tattooes telling about deeds and valor were applied to the most open parts of the body: the face, neck, shoulders, chest, back sides of the hands. But there were secret signs that everyone should not know about. Since ancient times, male tattoos on the hip have had some secret meaning. They could designate intentions, given vows and vows, character traits that the owner prefers to keep silent about.

Features of tattoos on the thigh

The main advantage is that the canvas is quite large. On the hip, you can make a fairly large tattoo, which includes many details.

male tattoo on thigh photo

Specialists note one more feature,which is a fairly low morbidity. The skin on the hips is thick, beneath it is a layer of fatty tissue and massive layers of muscles. Nerve fibers lie quite deep. Even large male tattoos on the thigh heal quickly.

Modern tendencies

Today, realistic tattoos with a high degree of detail. Male tattoo on the thigh most often performed in color. Using a white carcass allows you to give the image depth and volume.

Popular Styles

At the peak of popularity today is an unusual style forthe name of the tresh-polka. It is characterized by aggressive stories in red and black. Traditional tribal is not giving up its positions - it is laconic and truly manly. Young people often make a choice in favor of watercolor technology.

male tattoo on thigh

In a word, there are many options, among them, anyone who chooses to make a male tattoo on his hip will easily find it. The photos, which are presented in our article, allow us to verify this.

Interpretation of plots

Not necessarily every male tattoo on the hipsomething means. Today there are no strict requirements, so anyone can put on the body liked the plot. In addition, in different cultures, the same symbols can have different meanings. Therefore, one should not treat tattoos unambiguously.