Tattoo designs and their variety

In modern society, one of the fashion trendsis the decoration of his body with tattoos. But the one who decided to get such a drawing, must make a choice, taking into account not only the semantic load, but also the beauty of its application. In order to finally determine the type and shape of the image, you must first study the styles of tattoos. There are many of them. However, the most common is ethnic. This style includes many different subgroups.

styles of tattoos

The most popular are the drawings,borrowed from the Maya or Aztec tribes. They belong to the Indian style. Images that come down to us from the warlike people of Maya, glorify the military achievements. Only some tattoos were made by these Indians for religious purposes.

Figures on the body of the Aztecs were a tribute to theirdeities. This people believed that it came from the heavenly body. That's why a frequent tattoo is the drawing "The Sun of the Aztecs." The images of the "feathered serpent", which was the god of weather, and the "eagle", praised by these Indians as the god of warriors, are very popular. These drawings are characterized by high complexity of performance, associated with a large number of small details.

Polynesian style of tattoos uses motifsMaori, belonging to the New Zealand tribes. In these images, a large number of patterns, twisted in a spiral, and also divergent in the form of rays, waves, ribbons and lines are collected. When drawing such patterns, it is important to observe their symmetry.

styles of tattoos photo

Ethnic styles of tattoos include andsubgroup of Slavic drawings. Unlike other types of imaging on the body, it is in the formation stage. This style includes tattoos, the motive for which were epic and Russian folk tales. At the core lie patterns in the form of diamonds, crosses, dots and commas.

The easternstyles of tattoos. They are represented by images borrowed from the peoples of China, India and Japan. Most often, various deities and floral ornaments are applied to the body. Sanskrit inscriptions, hieroglyphs, dragons and samurais are also popular.

style of tattoos

Modern styles of tattoos are represented by images of anime. Drawing on the body copies characters from popular cartoons. Under such a tattoo, as a rule, is a quote from your favorite anime.

The category of images of fantasy includes drawingscharacters of literary works and paintings made in this style. Deeply understanding this topic is sometimes used when applying tattoos to slogans on Sindarin or Quenya.

Several varieties are dividedimages in the Gothic style. Subjects of existing subgroups are different. These styles of tattoos, photos of which can be found on the Internet, are related to the theme of werewolves, vampires, etc. Drawings of the Gothic style are painted in the form of images of howling wolves or bats to the moon. It can also be tattoos in the form of an Egyptian cross with a pen or a Celtic cross. Gothic drawings can be represented by images in the style of rock, as well as symbols of eternal life or death.