Tattoo Culture: The Importance of Scorpion Tattoo

Since ancient times, the scorpion is one of the mostpopular symbols applied to the body in the form of a tattoo. The traditional image of a scorpion in the cultures of some African tribes, as well as among the peoples of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Nowadays, many get their own drawings, because it's fashionable. However, few people think about the meaning of this or that image, but this is very important. In this article, we will talk about the importance of tattooing a scorpion.

the meaning of a scorpion tattoo
Basically, a scorpion tattoo is considered powerfulan amulet and a talisman designed to protect its bearer, because this little, but very dangerous and formidable creature is all afraid, since it is the owner of a deadly weapon, located at the end of the tail.

Meeting with a scorpion conceals a mortal danger,because he is a lone predator, hunter and killer, therefore, the tattoo "scorpion" symbolizes the danger emanating from this deadly insect. For example, in Ancient Egypt, his image was a symbol of death, and in Europe - a sign of revenge.

tattoo scorpion value
But, for example, in Japan, the tattoo "scorpion" has a very different meaning - the Japanese consider this creature to be the embodiment of wisdom, and the African peoples - a symbol of healing.

Now a tattoo with a scorpion image can bemeet quite often. Its owners are people of different views, professions and social strata. This sign is quite popular both in the artistic environment, and in the army, and in the criminal. Many people born under the sign of the scorpion, also decorate their body with this symbol. In this regard, the value of tattooing scorpion can be treated quite differently.

Among the military there is an image of a scorpionspeaks of belonging to the land forces. An insect with open claws signifies participation in hostilities, and the tattered scorpion claws indicate that the person served in a hot spot. By the way, every serviceman has the value of a scorpion tattoo. Quite often a pair of scorpions depicts a target or blood group.

scorpion tattoo

In the criminal world, tattoos with scorpion are treatedis rather ambiguous. For example, if a scorpion is pinned upside down on the arm, it means that the tattoo wearer uses drugs, and if the claws look down, then this person was a drug addict in the past. Sometimes, the image of a scorpion is applied as evidence that the person had to sit in a solitary cell. And some of them display their danger to society.

If this symbol is applied by people born under thesign of Scorpio, then on which part of the body he will be depicted and in what position, he does not play a role. From an esoteric point of view, the value of a scorpion tattoo is treated as a protection in the form of an amulet or talisman from evil spirits, and also as a sign of the strength of the person and of loyalty to the word.

If a scorpion is depicted together with a lotus flower,then it will symbolize matrimonial fidelity and love. And sometimes a tattoo of a scorpion serves as a reminder of some kind of life drama, for example, about unhappy love, betrayal of friends or retaliation for anything.