What does "Clock" matter? Tattoo for those who value time

Today we will talk about how the pictures on the body matter. "Watch" - a tattoo that is quite popular.

Naturally, such a pattern is alwayssymbolizes time and is an element of infinity, it displays a continuous process and has its limits. This image also denotes impermanence in society, a fast and short-lived life path.

What does a tattoo matter?

"Clock" - a tattoo that is made with the purpose of leavinga reminder of some unpleasant, but very significant event. Usually, it has a fateful character. Either the clock image counts the past tense, or, on the contrary, speaks about the upcoming event that will happen soon.

value watch tattoo
Watches display a deep and subjective meaning. Such a tattoo regularly recalls the impending death. After all, it is no secret to anyone that death will not spare either the young or the elderly. It is not subject to any restrictions and rules. Death will not back down and will not pity before anyone, since there are no exceptions for it.

There is still time

For some people who do tattooThe “clock” on the hand, on the contrary, the picture symbolizes not the coming death, but life, for which they still have time. Thus, this symbol makes it possible to draw the attention of others to the fact that a person who wears such a tattoo lives and enjoys life. After all, he has this time. He can sense how beautiful life is. He as if urges himself to dispose of this time at his discretion for the benefit of himself and his relatives. He wants to live in full and not waste a minute of time in vain. He seeks to do everything today, and not to postpone for tomorrow. He wants to know the mystery and meaning of life right now. After all, tomorrow may not come.

Clock without hands

What other picture might matter? "Clock" - a tattoo, the meaning of which depends on the details. If the clock is depicted without arrows, it speaks of the empty existence and meaningless content of human life. It turns out that his time in this world is not full of meanings and the person who carries such a tattoo has no special events in the past and memorable memories.

tattoo clock on hand
Also, a clock without arrows indicates that a persondisappointed in someone. Either he repents about his missing and unfulfilled life. Or maybe he just does not consider it necessary to track time. After all, some people on the clock hand can direct to negative thoughts. As she in the figure indicates constantly at one time, which has stopped forever. Only happy people do not watch the clock, which means that they don’t need to follow the clock hands, since everything is fine with them.

Hourglass: what does it mean and who makes such a tattoo?

Tattoo "Hourglass" has an ideological meaning. Therefore, such a picture causes a serious and thinking person.

hourglass tattoo
This sign symbolizes limitless time, which everyone can use while he lives. The hourglass is a reminder of the need to develop, rather than sit still.

A small conclusion

Now you know what picture can make a difference. "Clock" - a tattoo that can be done for various reasons. As it turned out, this symbol has a completely different meaning.

value watch tattoo
If some people dream of a beautiful long life,then others have no illusions and understand that death is inevitable. Tattoo with a clock can not be called empty, since it carries its wise and holistic meaning, and also expresses human views on what is happening.

Before you make a tattoo, you need to carefully select the pattern so that it fully meets all the requirements.