Warcraft: The North Wolf Clan

In the game "Warcraft" the Clan of the North Wolf isone of the oldest military associations of orcs, originated in Draenor before their first hike through the Dark Portal. Leaders have been constantly changing, but in the World of Warcraft universe, the clan still exists.

clan of the northern wolf

Clan of the Northern Wolf. History

United by a common goal and adapted to livein the harsh conditions of Nagrand (in the orc language means "Earth of the Winds"), the clan soldiers led a solitary way of life. Eliminated from the entire Horde from the very beginning of its existence, the clan orcs refused to drink Mannoroth's blood when Gul'dan appeared to them. Durotan, who was at that time the leader, adhered to the Ancestors' cult standing among the orcs and rejected the defilement that Gul'dan carried with him.

Soon after the split of the entire Horde on the "defiled"and "remaining the same", the orcs, who did not drink the blood of Mannoroth and preferred not to renounce the worship of the spirits of their ancestors, called themselves Mag'haras. On these lands came the orcs of filth and unleashed a long, bloody war, because of which the clan of the North Wolf was forced to leave the old measured rhythm of life and defend against uninvited guests and two more ogre clans.

This territory was contaminated bythe last because of the fierce resistance. In World of Warcraft, you can see how the green magic is gradually receding from this place and life is reborn again.

The Fates of the Chiefs

According to the universe of the game already mentioned, Durotanforwarded the clan of the Northern Wolf to Azeroth, having founded a settlement in the Alterac Mountains. On such an act he was encouraged by the decision of Gul'dan to declare the clan outlawed. The killers sent by the shaman killed the leader when he tried to contact his friend Orgrim Doomhammer.

The next orc who headed the clan of the NorthernWolves, became the son of Durotan Go-el, better known as Thrall (he was raised by the people of the Alliance), he became a shaman thanks to the leader Drek'Thar and contributed to the rescue of many relatives from the concentration camps of the Alliance.

warcraft of the northern wolf clan

Clan of the Northern Wolf in the film

In the sensational blockbuster "Warcraft" this clanIt is shown as part of a huge, cohesive orcish horde that penetrated Azeroth through the Dark Portal led by Gul'dan. In the beginning, you can see how the shaman of filth takes the lives of captured draenei.

In the film, the leader Durotan perishes at the hands of Gul'dan,and Orgrim Doomhammer pulls out his fang to deliver Go'El in the future. But the film does not mention whether Mannoroth's orcs have been drunk or not, although the horde clearly traces the neighborhood of the orcs with the defiled (green-skinned).

In the expanded version of the film, there is alsoA fragment where the clan of the Northern Wolf argues at the fire with Chernoruk. Orgrim Dumhammer ridicules the Thunder of Hellscream, belittling the honor and dignity of a defiled orc, saying that everything should be decided by battle, not magic.