Instructions: how to install on the "Android" file manager

However paradoxical it may sound, a largethe popularity of the Green Robot does not make it simple for all users. Therefore, people often ask different questions about working with this operating system. One of them: "How to install the file manager on the" Android "?" We will discuss it now.

install on android file manager

What it is?

If you decide to install on the "Android" filemanager, you should know that many of these software can help you work with archives, find files on a removable memory card, create backup copies of your applications. This type of software has great capabilities. In addition, I am glad that you can always install the file manager on "Android" in Russian, which will greatly simplify the work with the program.

Installation process

It can be said that the theoretical part wassmall, and we dismantled it. Next, we will directly discuss how to install the file manager on your mobile device. The installation process may seem rather complicated, but this is only the first time. It should be noted that you can install the file manager on "Android" without much difficulty, having spent only ten minutes of your time on it. There are two ways to install this type of program, and they differ nothing from installing other applications. Let's start with the first one.

how to install the file manager
On your smartphone, go to the Play Market store,Find the file manager that best suits your requirements for the program, and click on the "Install" button. In a few minutes your smartphone will be supplemented with the application you need. There is one more option. Its essence implies the installation of the program without the use of "Android Market". To this end, you need to download the file in the ".apk" format with the file manager you need and use a special program, for example AppInstaller. It will help you install the Android application you downloaded to your mobile device from your computer.

Details for beginners

We can say that with the task in hand, we alreadyHowever, if you recently use a mobile device, you will be useful to learn how to work with files in the mobile operating system and how to configure the device accordingly. First of all, you must allow the device to install files from unknown sources.

file manager for android in Russian
To this end, go to the device menu to item"Settings", then open the "Applications" section and click on "Unknown sources". Thus, the installation of applications that come not from the Android Market store will be allowed. Opposite the item "Unknown sources" a tick will appear. In case you skip this step, third-party programs can not be installed to you on the device from both memory cards, and from the internal memory of the device. However, if everything is done according to our instructions, the Internet and the computer will be helpers in setting up your mobile device. Then you can transfer the downloaded ".apk" file to your tablet or phone via a USB cable, in any of the directories. So we looked at how to install the file manager on the "Android", and what you need for this.