Details on how to wake up the pharaoh in the Shararama

Today, we will tell you how to wake Pharaoh in"Shararame". If you succeed, you can turn into fire, a tornado or ruler of Egypt. It is important to note that you can take a magical ability from an awakened friend more than once, and every week.


how to wake the pharaoh in the shararama
Let us turn to the practical part of the solution of the problem,how to wake up the pharaoh in the Shararama. The mummy that interests us is in Egypt. Therefore, we first get a visa to visit this country. We choose transport for travel. It is best to go on the road by car. Before directly solving the question of how to "wake up" the Pharaoh in the Shararama, you will have to participate in several mini-games. For example, to collect drops with a jug.


how to rouse a pharaoh in a shararam
Now we will tell you briefly how to wake uppharaoh in the Shararam. To achieve the required result, it is required to fulfill the instructions received from the six goddesses. The assignments are located on a special site, not far from the statue of the pharaoh himself. As soon as the task is completed, we will receive thanks from the pharaoh for awakening. For 7 days he will give us magical powers. First we perform the task of the goddess of joy Bast. To do this, we stroke the cats and beware of dogs. Next, we pass the task of Maat, the goddess of truth. To do this, you need to specify the vase in which the scroll is hidden. Now we get the task from Nut - goddess of the sky. It is necessary to light the stars, avoiding collision with clouds. Next comes the goddess Sekhmet. For her, we have to catch the sun. Next is the goddess of fertility Isis. We have to feed the snake dates. The last errand will be given by the goddess of water Tefnut. We collect by means of a jar pure drops of water. This resource in the desert is valued above gold. The assignments of the goddesses are fulfilled, now you can enter the tomb to call to life the mummy. From now on, you know how to wake the pharaoh in the Shararama.