Financial Manager

The rapid development of the market led to the emergence of manypreviously unknown occupations. A special direction in the work of many companies was management. These are management methods, in which all areas of activity are affected. Depending on the functions assigned, such an employee can perform various duties. For example, control and organization of sales or financial management.

Financial Manager

Economic relations presuppose managementcapital and other funds of the company. The enlargement of business has led to demand for specialists who can professionally conduct financial affairs and carry out their correct accounting.

A financial manager is a manager combiningin itself an accountant and specialist who owns a market situation, simultaneously. He manages cash flows so that the effectiveness of their use becomes even greater, and the company's goals were achieved in the shortest possible time.

Financial manager - a person reporting to the director of finance

Duties of financial manager

This post implies the performance of severalfunctions. First, it is the achievement of a balance between material and financial resources in the process of capital turnover. Secondly, it is a distributive function, which implies the correct direction of cash flows. It is also the creation of funds and the wise use of their means. The last function is the control over all financial resources and comparison of the received profit with the expected result.

The main task that the financialmanager, is to maximize profits with minimal production costs. He also needs to restructure assets and liabilities to ensure a reasonable ratio.

The financial manager is

The responsibilities of the financial manager include finding sources of additional revenue from related activities, from the sale of unused property, long-term investments and fixed assets.

He should revise the pricing policy inAccording to the market environment, to increase revenue from sales. Also, his duties include improving financial relations with subsidiaries.

If the company is large, then in its state there is a grouppeople who deal with financial flows. The initial task, which is performed by the financial manager, is the construction of the structure of the organization, which allows to effectively allocate and control money.

He is obliged to reveal the magnitude of the company's need for financial injections. We are looking for alternative sources of funds and their development with the final result.

A financial manager should always be aware of the situation that has developed at the moment in the market. He controls the fluctuations in demand and supply, as well as the price level.

This is why a person who claims to beposition, should be sociable, economically educated, curious, striving for self-improvement. He must perfectly navigate the structure of the market and finance. From his work depends the well-being and prosperity of any company.