A separate assignment: the essence, purpose, example

Investigation is rarely limitedwithin a single region or city. In order to fully analyze all the evidence and make a complete picture of the crime, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

Periodically investigation of the crime requiresthe investigator to carry out certain actions related to the process outside the area where the investigation is being conducted. If there is such a need for search activities in another area, the investigator has the authority to entrust this body of inquiry or carry out actions independently. In the case when the activities are entrusted to the authorities, they must respond within 10 days from the date of the order.

Such an appeal to the investigator in another area with a request to conduct investigative or other investigative actions is called a separate instruction of the investigator.


The purpose of a separate order impliesthe separation of actions between several investigators working on the case in order to most effectively reduce the time spent on the investigation and sentencing.

separate assignment

The investigator has the authority to instruct other bodies of inquiry to conduct investigative and investigative actions. Orders must be submitted in writing.

Legal settlement

The law does not establish what kind of investigativeor it is necessary to carry out investigative actions personally to the investigator, what is working on the case, and what actions can be entrusted to the bodies of inquiry in another district or another investigator.

The law also does not regulate the procedural form, direction, and procedure for preparing a separate order.

When sending an order, the investigator takes into accountthat it is impossible to entrust the execution of procedural acts in criminal cases. The investigator who is investigating the criminal case is obliged to bring the charge on his own, and also to interrogate the accused, conduct interrogations, inspect the scene of the incident, familiarize the suspect with all materials on the case.

sample separate instruction

In addition, the investigator should not entrust the interrogation of eyewitnesses to the crime, confrontation to other investigators.

It is also impossible to entrust the clarification of questions that may give important information about the case. There may be exceptions, but this issue is solved very scrupulously.

Instruction groups

Separate assignments of the head of the investigation can be divided into several groups. They have within themselves common features and characteristics that influence their formation.

The following groups are distinguished:

  • instructions for the collection and verification of evidence;
  • instructions on the implementation of the rights of some participants in the criminal investigation process;
  • separate instructions for taking measures on procedural coercion;
  • instructions for the production of investigative actions;
  • instructions related to the issues of procedural duty, on the adoption of measures by the investigator to eliminate and identify the conditions and causes that contributed to the commission of a crime.

Submit request

A separate assignment must be made in writing by a special letter. Such an appeal consists of three parts.

separate investigator assignment

The first part indicates the performer and the addressee.orders. A letter is sent immediately to the prosecutor's office or police station in the area or city where it will be necessary to conduct an investigation. Such an indication is mandatory for the authorities.

In the second part, which is descriptive,sets out the circumstances of the case to the extent necessary for high-quality execution of the order. It is important to bear in mind that the narrative is determined by the general nature of the case. Be sure to clearly and clearly set out the plot. Indicate when the criminal case is initiated, whether there are suspects in custody, the period of arrest is indicated. For the executor of the order, such data act as a disciplining measure, stimulating to carry out the order qualitatively.


Considering the sample of the individual order,It should be noted that the dates when the order is sent are indicated, the names of the responsible persons are listed and the name of the authority that gives the order is indicated.

separate assignment of arnauts

Separate instruction number 11 / 236-9 * 12.53.20 **

Freelance police officer Ivanov I.I.

Petrovsky district police department of the Emsk region is carried outpreparatory verification of information about the theft of March 9, 20 ** 5,000 kg (five tons) of beets from the vegetable store of the Prlupskai collective farm. In order to carry out a lawful, as well as reasoned decision on this fact, it is necessary to establish the amount of material damage caused by the said act. In this regard, and in the prescribed manner, the director of the Prlyupsky State Farm is sent a request for the preparation of a Certificate of the value of stolen cabbage.

Deadline for pre-verification reportsthe offense expires, but the document named above has not been received to date. I ask, according to No. 1.3 of the Temporary Instruction on the Organization of Freelance Workers, to assist in obtaining information on the exact cost of 1 kg (one kg) of cabbage from the administration of the Prlupsky State Farm. Help is needed with the assurances of the director.

Please execute the order within three days.

I ask you to provide an answer to the order at: Emsk, ul. Central, 1.

Senior Inspector of the Petrovsky District Department of Internal Affairs of the Emsk Region, Police Colonel A.A. Sidorov.


Only in the film “Separate errand”, Arnautov, the main character, quickly and easily executes the errand.

individual orders of the head

In reality, the investigation often faces the unfair execution of individual orders, which entails delays in legal proceedings.