Actor Alexander Pal: Filmography and biography

"Hardcore", "You all infuriate me", "Goodboy "," All at once "," Bitter! "," Children "- film and television projects, thanks to which the audience was remembered by Alexander Pal. The filmography of the actor in 2012 was replenished with the series "Life and Fate", with which his path to fame began. What is the story of a guy from Chelyabinsk, what to tell about his creative successes?

Star Biography

Alexander Pal, whose filmography and biographyare considered in the article, was born in Chelyabinsk. It happened in December 1988. The actor comes from a poor family, his childhood was unsuccessful. Lessons Alexander neglected, preferred to spend time on the street. He did not even think about acting profession, but he dreamed about the career of a thief. This fantasy appeared in the boy after reading the book "I'm a thief-in-law". Fortunately, Pal rejected this idea in due time.

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Alexander already studied in the ninth grade, when hisinvited to visit relatives from Germany. From this country he returned already another person, addicted to reading and enrolled in a theater studio. By the time the school was over, the young man no longer doubted that he dreamed of acting. Parents wanted his son to study at a doctor in a high school in Chelyabinsk, but the obstinate young man went to Moscow and entered GITIS.

In his student years he did not act in films and serialsAlexander Pal. His filmography was supplemented by the TV project "Life and Fate" after he became a graduate of GITIS. The role of the young man was episodic, he did not bring fame. Around the same time, the actor joined the creative team of the Vakhtangov Theater, which was soon exchanged for MTYUZ. Now he performs at the Mayakovsky Theater.

Alexander Pal: filmography

His role as a novice actor inpicture "All at once." He appeared in this film thanks to the casting director Roman Karimov, who attended his graduation performance at GITIS. Hero of Alexander became a provincial guy named Dan. He wears a tracksuit, shares his dreams of quick enrichment with friends. Production difficulties led to the fact that the output tape was postponed for a year.

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"Gagarin. The first in space "- the next picture, in which Alexander Pal was shot. His filmography was replenished with this tape in 2013. The actor got a small role, he played a random passer-by. A little more noticeable was his participation in the comedy "Pelmeni", which was released in the same year. Pal embodied the image of a dancer.

From obscurity to fame

"Bitterly!"- a comedy, thanks to which he managed to attract the attention of the public Alexander Vladimirovich Pal (his filmography is discussed in the article). Hypare, the brother of the protagonist - the character of the actor in this tape. Initially, it was assumed that the image of the groom's brother would be embodied by an older man. Alexander himself also liked this hero far from immediately. However, after filming the teaser, the creators of the painting believed that it was Pal that was the ideal candidate for this role. The actor can be seen in the comedy "Bitter! 2 ", in which he played the same character.

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Thanks to the success of the picture "Bitter!"The guys from Chelyabinsk drew attention to the directors. Alexander rejected several proposals, since he did not want to be assigned to him the role of the performer of comic roles. The next film with his participation was presented to the spectator's court in 2014. It's about the picture "Fir-trees 1914", thanks to which Pal was able to leave behind a boring image and demonstrate new facets of his talent.

What else to see

"Hardcore" - a sensational thriller, in which he performeda small role actor Alexander Pal. His filmography was replenished by this film project in 2015. The young man embodied the image of a mercenary with a flamethrower. Then Alexander reincarnated as a witty customs officer in the film "Without Borders", played a cemetery watchman in the tape "A Guy from Our Cemetery." A small role went to the star in the paintings "Cloth Union" and "Wonderland".

Of recent achievements of Alexander, we can mention shootings in TV projects "Children", "Plaque" and "You all infuriate me."