Filmography of actress Lindsay Morgan

Lindsay Morgan is a young American actress. Her most prominent role at the moment is Christine Davis in the television series "The Main Hospital." For her, the actress was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Lindsay Morgan


Lindsay Morgan was born in 1990 in the state of Georgia, grew up in Houston (Texas). The actress has Mexican and Irish roots.

After graduating from high school, Lindsey entered the University of Texas at Austin. However, she soon realized that she wanted to be an actress, and moved to Los Angeles, intending to make an impressive acting career.

Carier start

His first role in the movie Lindsay received in 2011she played Alexis in the comic horror "The Punishment" of Joseph Kano. Together with her in the movie starred at the time when the career of actor Josh Hutcherson. In the same year, Lindsay Morgan played the main role in the low-budget drama "Disconnected", not very popular.

Two years later in the filmography of the actress appeared another comedy horror film - "Bites of chastity", shot on the debut of the script of actress Lotti Ferriss.

Lindsay Morgan Movies

Career breakthrough: "The main hospital"

Roles in low-budget feature films werenot what Lindsay Morgan dreamed of. Films with her participation did not enjoy great success with the audience, and the actress switched to television projects. Lindsay received a role in the television series "Main Hospital", which brought her fame. The actress played the role of Christine Davis - a young girl who tries to build relationships with her parents and is searching for her place in life.

Critics liked the game of the young actress. For the role of Christine Lindsay Morgan was nominated for the Emmy Award as the best actress in the drama series, but she did not receive the award.

Career on TV

After leaving the series "Main Hospital"the actress continued to work on television. In 2013, she played a small role in the comedy TV series "Companions", quite coldly received by critics. The actress also appeared in one of the episodes of the popular medical series "Night shift".

In 2014, Lindsay Morgan was approved for the main role (Raven Reyes) in the post-apocalyptic series "Hundred", based on the novel Kass Morgan, which is still being filmed.

Lindsay Morgan as Raven in the television series "Hundred"

The television series "Hundred" has high ratings and earned the recognition of critics, more than three million viewers watched it. The long-awaited premiere of the fourth season was held in February 2017.