How to draw Thumbelina in a few minutes

Thumbelina is a little girl whoappeared from a flower. That is why it is often portrayed in floral dress. It is not at all necessary that it be a costume consisting entirely of petals. You can make a girl a floral hat, vest, skirt. Anyway, many people wonder how to draw Thumbelina, because this character is one of the most beloved among the children's public.

Thumbelina in the basket with flowers

If you're wondering how to draw Thumbelina, thenit is necessary to take into account that its size is only an inch (approximately 2.5 cm). Therefore it is necessary to convey on paper that it is very small. To do this, you can depict all the objects located nearby so that they seem much more than a little beauty.

To draw a baby in a flower basket,you must first complete a small oval that will serve as its tip. Then it is necessary to portray the bottom. Externally, the basket will resemble a large plate. Now you need to start drawing Thumbelina herself. She will be on the right side. The first step is to make a sketch, consisting of several simple lines and circles. They will serve as the head, shoulders and arms of the girl. Then you need to detail the image. That is, she needs to finish the eyes with long cilia, mouth, nose, ears. Also indispensable attribute of Thumbelina is its volume bow on the head. If you want to know how to draw Thumbelina realistically, then you should also draw her skirt. She is lush and beautiful.

Now you can start drawing flowers inbasket. It is necessary to start from the front, and afterwards to draw them in the back. It is desirable that the flowers occupy most of the basket. You should also detail it, drawing a few chaotic strips so that it becomes straw.

how to draw an inch

Drawing Thumbelina Step by Step

If you're wondering how to draw Thumbelina in stages, then do it better with a pencil. This will erase all the extra lines and unnecessary details. The work takes place in several stages:

  • First you need to portray the head and neck. Also at this stage, the upper torso of the girl should be performed.
  • To draw hair, lines of hands and to detail them.
  • Make the upper part of the outfit expressive. Next to the girl should draw a thin line - the stalk, for which she is holding. That is, one of her hands should also be directed in his direction.
  • Draw the face of the heroine. Do not forget about the stalk on which it sits.
    how to draw an inch step by step

How to decorate Thumbelina

Of course, the girl drawn in pencil looksbeautiful, but to complete the image, it is better to decorate it. By means of an elastic band it is necessary to delete all excess lines. Body pencil must shade the face and hands of the heroine. Dress can be made red-green, which symbolizes the flower. The stalk and leaflet also need to be done in green.

Drawing Thumbelina in Flower

Many people also wonder how to draw flower. First of all, of course, you need to start drawing Thumbelina. It must be made very small so that it fits in the heart of the flower. To draw a face, a neck, a small dress, hands. Now you can go to the drawing of the flower itself. Only its front will be visible, and the girl will close the back. In this case, you can depict absolutely any plant. It all depends on your imagination. You can decorate the composition with any colors.

how to draw a inch in a flower

We hope that now you know how to draw Thumbelina. This process is not complicated at all. You only need to stock up on strength, patience and self-confidence.