The most promising young actresses of Hollywood

Everything flows and everything changes. This is especially true of the unrivaled Hollywood, where the new actresses of Hollywood come to replace such icons as Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Kemeron Diaz. We represent you the most promising girls who have successfully proved themselves in the world cinema.

5 successful young film actresses

1. Dakota Fanning.

young actresses of Hollywood
This girl has many serious roles,despite his young age. For the first time on the screens she appeared as a very small girl. Many of her remember the fantastic film "War of the Worlds", where she played with the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, and comedy melodrama "Urban girls" with Brittany Murphy. Now Dakota successfully removed in several projects. Most recently, the famous saga of the "Twilight" vampires ended, where Dakota played the role of vampire Jane, who is capable of inflicting the greatest pain only with one thought. This actress tops our list of "The most promising young actresses of Hollywood."

2. Chloe Grace the Moret. Young and charming, with a puppet appearance, she has quite unusual roles in her portfolio and more than once headed the lists of "The most beautiful actresses of Hollywood." To many, she is known for the gloomy film "Let Me in" about a vampire girl. At one time the theme of vampirism was very popular, especially thanks to the work of Stephanie Meyer.

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And recently on screens there was a non-standard blackcomedy "Muvi-43", where Chloe acted in an episodic role. The film, certainly, strange, but in own way ridiculous, and many have apprehended it on hurray. In the near future, the premiere of the film "Telekinesis", based on the novel of the unrivaled Stephen King, is expected. Chloe will appear before us in the title role. Look forward to.

3. Emma Watson. Undoubtedly, the heroine, who has embodied the image of incomparable Hermione Granger in the cult "Harry Potter" for so many years, is rightfully included in the rating "The most promising and young actresses of Hollywood". It was the role of the young sorceress that brought Emma an unprecedented fame and success. Now she tries to get rid of this image not only by changing the image, but also by new roles. One of the last works is the melodrama "It's Good to Be Quiet", where Emma played the main role, and also the role of the secondary plan in the biographical tape "7 Days and Nights with Marilyn."

4. No matter how critical the critics are

beautiful actresses of Hollywood
the actor's talent of this actress, she still needsto pay tribute, because in her young age, she worked on many film sets and has behind them projects that in many ways surpass the teenage saga of the vampire Edward. It is, of course, about Kristen Stewart. But, even if you disregard the "Twilight", you can find a lot of worthy work of this actress. For the first time, she appeared on the screen with Jodie Foster in the thriller Room of Fear. After that, critics were not bad marked such her work as "In the country of women" and "Welcome to Riley." That's why she deservedly included in the list of "The most promising young actresses of Hollywood."

5. Sirsha Ronan - dovlno claimed by the actress to date. She has many serious multi-million dollar projects on her account. She gained the greatest popularity after the release of the movie "Lovely Bones" about a girl who was stuck between the world of the living and the dead to help in capturing the maniac who killed her. After this came the action film "Hannah: The Perfect Weapon", where she was shot along with the unrivaled Cate Blanchett. Recently there was another adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's "Guest", where Sirsha also coped admirably with the main role.

Each of them is worthy of the title of Hollywood star. Photos of these actresses have repeatedly decorated the covers of the most prestigious magazines.