Norman Mailer: Biography and Creativity

Today we will tell you who Norman Mailer is. His books are popular, so it's worth talking about this person in more detail. It's about an American writer, journalist, playwright, screenwriter and film director. He was born in 1923.


Norman Mailer
Norman Mailer was born in New Jersey, Long Branch. It comes from a Jewish immigrant family. Father - Meiler Isaac Barnett, accountant from South Africa. Mother - housewife and nurse Fanya Schneider. After our hero, the couple had two more daughters - Norma and Barbara. Ros Norman Mailer in New York. He attended Steyvesant school in the Brooklyn district of Bedford. In 1939 he became a student of Harvard. There he studied aeronautics. In 1943 he graduated from the university. During the student's period he started to work as a writer. The first story was written and published in 1941, at the age of 18. He was awarded a university journal prize. Our hero fought in the Philippines. In addition to literature, the writer was engaged in journalism. He wrote screenplays. I took a few pictures. In some he acted as an actor. One of the founders of the school of "new journalism." In 1960, being in intoxication, he wounded his wife with a penknife. As a result, I went to a madhouse where I stayed for two weeks. Later this episode was dedicated to a poem titled "A Rainy Evening with His Wife".

Literary creativity

Norman Mailer Books
Norman Mailer wrote the novel "The Naked and the Dead" in1948 year. This is his most famous book, and it is devoted to the theme of World War II. In addition, the pen of our hero belongs to the following works: "Olive Reserve", "American Dream", "Why we are in Vietnam", "The Gospel of the Son of God", "Castle in the Forest", "Evenings in Antiquity", "White Negro" , "The Song of the Executioner", "The Specter of a Prostitute". The documentary reports of our hero became widely known. In particular, the work "Army of the Night" narrates about the peace march to Washington and is awarded the Pulitzer Prize. The report "Miami and the siege of Chicago" narrates about the national conventions of the democratic and republican parties. The work "Fire on the Moon" tells about the landing of people on Earth's satellite. The writer wrote biographies of Lee Harvey Oswald, Picasso and Marilyn Monroe.

Working in a movie

In 1968 our hero put the films "Out of Law" and "Wildness-90". In 1970, he removed "Maidstone" - a satirical film about the presidential election. In this film also played one of the main roles. In 1987, our hero appeared as a screenwriter and director of the film "The tough guys do not dance." The film was put on the author's own book of the same name. In addition, this creative man was shot by Jean-Luc Godard, Milos Forman, Jonas Mekas and Kenneth Anger.

Editions in Russian

Norman Mailer, as already mentioned, isthe author of the book "The Naked and the Dead." Its Russian-language version was published in Moscow in 1976. This novel tells about the fighting activities and life of the US Army. The scene is the Pacific Front. The time of the narrative is the period of the Second World War. The author exposes the manners and customs prevailing in the US Army.

In the year 2004 the publishing house "AST" published the book "The Specter of a Prostitute". In 2007, the work of the writer "Evenings in Antiquity" was published in St. Petersburg. This novel is an exciting attempt to recreate the period from the history of Egypt. Speech in the book is about the era of the New Kingdom of the 19-20 dynasty - Ramses. Warrior Menenhett tells his grandson about the various campaigns of the pharaoh against the Hittites. He also describes the battle of Kadesh, the beautiful, exquisite spouse of the pharaoh - Nefertari. The hero tells about the years of power, when temples were built, people praised the gods, the treasury grew fuller. In this book, the magic of the word evokes a string of memories of mysterious distant lands that do not stop exciting the imagination of writers and contemporary artists.

The writer died on November 10, 2007 in New York. He was 84 years old.