Actress Alexander Volkov: biography, personal life, work in the theater and cinema

Russian actress Alexander Volkov can safelyto call one of the most talented people in the country. The girl took part in the filming of such films as "Group of Happiness", "Courage", "Doomed to Become a Star" and others. In addition to film work, she played many major roles in theatrical productions of one of the Moscow theaters.

Biography of the actress

Alexandra Volkova was born in the family of Vera andNikolay Volkovyh September 25, 1985 in the Russian capital. The girl's father was one of the best artists of the theater. Mayakovsky. Alexandra's mother also has a direct relationship to acting, since she is a graduate of the State Theater Institute in Leningrad. Nikolay Volkov, the eldest, the grandfather of the girl, is known to the general public of the Soviet Union thanks to the children's feature film "Old Man Hottabych", in which he got the lead role. In addition to the fact that the closest relatives of Alexandra are associated with acting, according to some sources they come from an ancient Russian count.

Alexandra Volkova actress biography

The girl was a pupil of a private school"Cooperation", in the list of teachers was Vera Viktorovna - her mother. As a teenager, Sasha adored playing piano, attending training on choreography and volleyball. Dance preferred the step and flamenco. Closer to the 18th anniversary she became a frequent visitor of model courses and a participant of creative competitions of readers of poetry.
After receiving secondary education, Volkova accepteddecision to keep up with the famous relatives and take exams at the Theatrical Institute. Boris Shchukin. By the way, the young talented actress was enrolled in the list of students on the first attempt. Alexandra honed her stage skills in the course of Yuri Shlykov.

Theatrical works

After graduating from the Shchukin Institute, a girl,not having a single performance on the stage, begins to work in the troupe of Lenkom Theater in Moscow. The talent of actress Alexandra Volkova was appreciated, as from the first days she was given key characters in successful performances.

Alexandra Volkova actress

The debut role in the theater for the artist becameConcitta is the central heroine of the play "Juno and Avos". The next work of Alexandra was the play "Mad day, or The Marriage of Figaro". Volkov played secondary roles in the productions "Visit of the Lady", "Va-Bank" and "Shut Balakirev".


For the first time the theatrical artist was invited tocinema in 2004. Actress Alexander Volkova accepted the proposal to work on the creation of the television series "Full speed ahead!". A year later, the Russian artist appears in a multi-part film about the employees of the medical center "Neotlozhka 2". In 2005, the screen came out the picture "Doomed to Become a Star", in which Volkova got used to the role of Christina.

A couple of years later, the actress completed work onhis first feature film, which was a criminal melodrama "Joke." Her colleagues were well-known Russian actors Sergei Gorobchenko and Irina Lachina. In 2008, the premiere of the mini-series "The most beautiful 2" took place with the participation of Volkova. She played the role of Xenia. In 2009, actress Alexander Volkova managed to combine theatrical and film activities, playing Dunyashka in the TV show "Marriage".

Actress Alexander Volkova's personal life

Two years later, V. Nikiforov invites the girl to the main role in the multi-part project called "Group of Happiness". In 2012, the director of the film "May Rain" decided that the role of Catherine should be played by Alexander. A year later, Volkova embodied on the screens of the French princess Ellis in the dramatic picture "Aquitaine lioness." At the moment, the last film career of the actress was a biographical series "Courage", which tells about the life of Russian singer Alla Pugacheva.

Personal life

Actress Alexander Volkov is his wifefamous actor of theater and cinema Sergei Piotrovsky. Spouses often work together on Lenkom's productions. The children of Volkova and Piotrovsky have not yet. In addition to his favorite work, Alexandra is also devoted to dancing, singing and music, as once in her childhood.