Ekaterina Gerun and Igor Akinfeev

The famous goalkeeper of the football club "Tsska" andRussian national football team Igor Akinfeev for a long time kept the details of his private life in secret. 6 years old Igor met with Valeria Yakunichikova, daughter of the head of the CSKA football team. But the pair broke up, for unknown reasons. And only in May 2014, after the birth of the first born football player, everyone found out - he is married! His wife - Ekaterina Gerun is an incredible beauty, a model and an aspiring actress.

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Biography of Igor Akinfeev

Igor Akinfeev was born in April 1986 inThe city of Vidnoe near Moscow. Since childhood, he studied at the children's and youth sports school PFC CSKA. For his football career Akinfeev received many awards. He is an eight-time winner of the "Goalkeeper of the Year" award named after Lev Yashin, five-time Russian champion, six-time Russian Cup winner, winner of the UEFA Cup, bronze medalist of the 2008 European football championship.

For his services, Igor Akinfeev, no doubt, the whole country loves.

Biography of Catherine Gerun

Ekaterina Gerun was born in Kiev.Thanks to her parents, she digests in Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​and both consider relatives. Since childhood Katya Gerhun dreamed of becoming a chemist and even enrolled in the Kharkov Medical Academy. She liked to study, but still she did not work in her specialty.

Thanks to the excellent command of English andFrench, Ekaterina Gerun was hired by a well-known film company engaged in acquiring rights to foreign films and showing them to the Russian public, as well as in Ukraine and the Baltic States. Katya's duties included reading the script of a foreign film and retelling the contents to the company's management. Then the management decided whether to rent a movie or not. Also the film company was engaged in support and promotion of these films.

After leaving the film company, Ekaterina triedhimself as a model and actress. She played in the clip of Sergei Lazarev "Remember," in several films. I took the 4th place at the Miss Ukraine-Universe contest.

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Relations with Igor Akinfeev

Before the birth of the first child, the footballer did notadvertised that he has a wife, Katerina Gerun. The wedding took place under the veil of secrecy. Wedding photos do not hit the press and the Internet. The youngest parents named their first child Daniil, and in September 2015 the couple had a daughter of Evangelina.

igor akinfeev and catherine gerun

Acquaintance with parents

Ekaterina Gerun never told herparents that will meet with a famous football player. When she introduced Igor to her parents, Mom did not even understand that the goalkeeper known to the whole country was in front of her.

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Catherine's parents immediately drew attention to thepositive qualities of Akinfeev - prudence, seriousness, attentiveness, absence of bad habits. These same qualities attracted him and his future wife. After all, on the one hand, as Katya admits, it's great that they are of the same age - sometimes you can have fun and make fun of yourself. On the other hand, he is able to make important decisions, take responsibility.


Akinfeev's family is Orthodox.Young parents say that they will inculcate orthodox traditions for children. In the end, the choice of faith will, of course, be for the children themselves, but Igor Akinfeev and Ekaterina Gerun feel it is right to explain to them all the details of Orthodox culture.

Also Igor Akinfeev - godfather of the daughtersoloist of the band "Hands up!" Sergei Zhukov. Zhukov has long been, since 2007, a close friend of Igor. Akinfeev from childhood loves the work of the group "Hands up!" and even recorded together with Sergei Zhukov a song. Now they are friends of families, spend holidays together.

Despite the fact that Catherine Gerun is Ukrainian, shehas already managed to love Russia, and the husband shares her love. Catherine admits that they are not attracted by the famous resorts. And they dream to go the whole family on a trip on a ship along the Golden Ring. Stop in each ancient city and slowly hike through its streets, looking around.

If before the life of Catherine Gerun was bright andrich, now even, according to her confession, she is no less interesting. The upbringing of children at the moment replaces her work, a hobby and, one can say, completely takes her life. And this young mom really likes.