More on how to draw a badger

Today we will tell how to draw a badgerpencil in stages. It's about a charming animal. It can be found in the forests. The badger stands out with a beautiful color. His face is distinguished by a pair of black stripes. Draw a handsome man is not difficult. With this task can handle both an adult and a child.


how to draw badger
To solve the problem, how to draw a badger, weneed a few tools. In particular, useful: dense paper, a container with water, an eraser, a mechanical pencil, round brushes of different sizes, a set of paints.


We turn to the practical solution of the problem, how to draw a badger. First, by light strokes, we denote the contours of the animal. Attach the paws to the body. We make them short and complete.

At the next stage of solving the issue, howdraw a badger, we represent his face. The eyes should be very large, and the ears are rounded. On the head of our hero there are bands. Set their boundaries. Slightly indicate the surrounding landscape. We erase the sketch, leaving only the basic lines. With a round brush paint the sandy path. We make short strokes. For this we use brown tones.

Final touches

how to draw a badger in pencil step by step
We pass to the final stages of solving the problem of how to draw a badger. We color the grass in the background. Use for this you can yellow and green hues.

Black paint covers strips thatare on the badger's face. The same color is used for the feet. The eye is made brown. Mix black ink with white. The resultant gray color is colored over the individual parts of the body of our hero. The places that remained free make it brown. Using a small brush, we depict the individual hairs of the badger. To do this, apply white, brown and gray colors. If necessary, dilute them with water.