How to draw a wolf with a pencil - step by step drawing

How to draw a wolf with a pencil? The wolf, like any other animal, is difficult to portray. To draw a wolf, you do not need to have a special talent for an artist, it's more important to have an experience in drawing animals, because there is no more expressive animal than a wolf. Particular difficulty is drawing with a pencil, as in black and white shades it is more difficult to convey the expressiveness of the eyes and the clarity of lines.

So, how to draw a wolf with a pencil? Here we will go through the steps to find out how.

How to draw a wolf with a pencil

In order to draw the body of a wolf,First, draw three ovals and connect them with lines. Try to make the lines slightly curved, because this is a living being, and it does not have straight lines. Further, from the central oval it is necessary to draw forward paws, and the same to do with the rear oval. Here, too, you need to select the neck lines and slightly pull the front oval forward. It will also be necessary to draw small ovals on the bends of the paws - to simplify further strokes. So we create a wolf skeleton.

How to Draw a Wolf

Next we need to create a wolf outline. To do this, we connect the edges of the ovals with lines observing all the bends of the paws, neck and head. Also we need to draw a slightly curved line from the back oval, which will be the tail. We circle all our lines to create a contour.

We add wool to the contour of the wolf, to the tail -volume, and to the head - ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and we give it all ruffiness. Paws circle with all the bends, add to them nails and fluffy wool. In the future, we will add gray shades to the wool, and to the places where the folds should be - shadows. We remove all smooth lines from the drawing, only lines showing the wool should remain in the drawing, and we give expressiveness to the eyes.

Painted wolves

Painted wolves

So we answered the question: "How to draw a wolf with a pencil?".

There are many ways to draw these andother animals. It all depends on how you want to depict the wolf. Will he stand, lie, sit, where will he look. It all depends on you and your experience of drawing animals.

If the drawing styles are divided by complexity, thenPencil drawing will be the most difficult, but also the most common. Another, no less common, way of drawing - special chalks. The wolf is an expressive animal with many shades of wool, and it is better to use special chalks to convey the entire palette of shades of gray, black, brown colors. But it's better to do it with colored pencils or paints.

Painted wolves

Thanks to the skillful combination of colors, you can achieve amazing results in drawing wolves and other representatives of the animal world.

We have considered the question of how to draw a wolfpencil, step by step disassembled, what the process of drawing a wolf consists of. Also, we examined what methods of drawing wolves and how to give them volume, and figured out with different styles of drawing of these animals. In my opinion, how to draw a wolf and what to use in drawing is an individual matter, and everyone decides for himself how to do it.