Exchange rates: list, rating, profitability

Today people seek in many waysmake money online. Someone works as a freelancer, some surf sites, and some earn on sports betting. Each of the ways is good in its own way, but as for the last type of earnings, there are a lot of contradictions, nuances and peculiarities. Let's try to understand them.

What is the betting exchange for sports?

Today you can bet as in bettingoffices, and on sports exchanges. It should be understood that such sites are not bookmakers. The sports exchange is a platform where the bookmaker is an intermediary between the players who bet. The essence of the exchange is to order the coefficients of interest to the players.

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Why do people bet?

The reasons why people resort to playing on stock exchanges are many, the main ones are:

  1. Desire to earn. Many believe that this is the easiest way to earn money, but after losing hundreds of dollars, they are surprised to discover that this is not quite so. Before you bet, you need to study the features of the game, betting methods, to think ahead some points. Not everyone can calculate winnings and losses, if, of course, you are not one of the lucky lucky ones. Earnings on betting are primarily a calculation.
  2. Excess of time. It happens that there is too much time and there is simply nowhere to spend it. And why not make a couple of bets, at the same time and not see a couple of matches?
  3. Excess of money. What to do with extra money? You can go to the exchange rates. However, if you are an experienced player, it is not a fact that extra money will not become even more.
  4. Addiction. Many players are not able to stop their excitement, and endless bets begin. It does not usually end well, and the player drains all the capital. Therefore, as it was said in the first paragraph, calculation is necessary.

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One main rule must be remembered: if you are an extremely adventurous person who does not control his emotions and does not know how to stop in time, then the game in betting shops and sports stock markets obviously does not suit you, because you risk spending all that you have or even get into debt.

It is not uncommon for a player who is full of the desire to win back a loss, takes money and again loses it.

What is the difference between the sports betting exchange from the bookmaker office?

The exchange of sports betting has a number of differences frombookmakers, but many people mean these concepts are the same. And this is not surprising, because the exchange rates have appeared recently in the gambling market. The main differences are:

  • In the first case, the bookmaker acts only as an intermediary and the players play against each other, in the second case they play against the bookmaker.
  • In sports betting, the value of the coefficients is set by the players, on the betting exchanges - the owner of the office himself.

Why are sports bureaus popular?

Exchange rates are gaining in popularity mainly due to the fact that players have free choice, each gives the opportunity to offer the participants of the event their bet with a coefficient.

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The first betting exchange, a bookmaker office in one person, opened in 1999, is Betfair, which is the best for today.

Exchange rates allow usersact as a player, and as a bookmaker, charging a certain percentage for using the betting platform. Here, the chances of winning significantly increase, compared with the betting exchanges, since the probability of finding a high ratio and win the players is much more.

You can also make money on resalecoefficients during a sporting event, the principle here is the same as if you were betting on a stock exchange. So, the coefficients change almost every second, so you can have time to sell your bet at a higher price, this will avoid the fear of losing at the end of the match.

Choice option

The betting market does not give as muchprospects for the implementation of transactions and earnings, rather than a sports exchange. And the players are attracted not only by the possibility of earning, but also by choice. So, sports exchanges in addition to standard types of rates offer rates "for" and "against". What does this mean? Let's say a rival offered his bet with a coefficient, if you agree with him, then you bet "for", but if, on the contrary, do not agree - put a bet "against" the offer.

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If you are interested in earning through the exchangerates, then do not rush. First of all, you need to study all the features of the exchange, the rules of rates, pluses and minuses. Even if you are an experienced player in betting shops, you will not be able to immediately migrate to the game on the sports exchange. As they say, you go quietly - you will continue.

Most popular exchanges

Today there is a hugebookmaker exchanges, and sports grounds, and bookmakers in conjunction with sports, which offer players different options for betting. However, as in any sphere of our life, here too there is a rating. The most popular offices are Betfair, BetDaq and WBX. These sites were among the first to occupy this niche, therefore they are deservedly considered leaders.

Betfair - the basis of the fundamentals

This is a British brand, founded in 1999 andowned by Sporting Exchange Ltd. The total annual turnover of the stock exchange has reached £ 393 million. Betfair has earned the trust of players and is a safe and solvent exchange, which offers a variety of sports events, offers various bonuses and high odds.

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BetDaq - in the footsteps of Betfair

It is the main competitor of the Betfair exchange. The founder is Dermot Desmond, who in 2001 launched the site. In 2013 BetDaq bought bookmaker company Ladbrokes. The exchange offers a lot of sports events for betting, however it has not managed to bypass the competitor Betfair and up to now.

WBX - alternative to Betfair

In 2002, the stock exchange was founded by Malcolm Gray,The owners are Bet Exchange Ltd and WBX Holding Plc., who believe that the exchange can be an excellent alternative to Betfair. The sports exchange gained fame thanks to horse racing.

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As is known, if it is wise to approach the endeavorany business or the decision of a certain problem, it is possible to achieve success. So in the case of sports exchanges, with a competent approach and detailed study, you can achieve incredible heights in this area. An excellent example could be Bob Vulgaris, who made a fortune on bets.

Road to heights

Bob Vulgaris was engaged in sports betting for 13 years. He was a fan of the NBA matches and looked at every game, but he still had a foresight. After some time, he came up with the idea how to make a fortune on this. In the 90s, the stakes were not very popular, and Bob managed to come up with his own winning strategy.

Thanks to five years of play on the stakes, Vulgaris couldfor a day put on matches a million dollars, he could afford to rent a house in Hollywood Hills for 12.5 thousand dollars. He lived a life that all men of the planet would have dreamed of.

However, after the time of the office, whose budget hedevastated, began to understand how this is possible Vulgarisa, and revised their activities. From that moment, Bob began to lose his fortune rapidly, unable to stop and not bet.

Thus, if you are an ardent fan of betting games, be vigilant and do not lose your head, then you can multiply your capital, and most importantly - keep it.