Ekaterina Korol: biography and personal life of the participant "Doma-2"

Catherine King - a talented designer, artistand a fashion designer. But she became famous due to her participation in the reality show "Dom-2". Do you want to know where Katya was born and studied? What did she do before the project? Then read this article from beginning to end.

Catherine the King

Catherine King: biography

A well-known participant of "Doma-2" was born on March 30, 1984 in the city of Nikolaev (Ukraine). She's from a simple family. Katya's father is Russian, and her mother is Ukrainian.

Parents tried to provide a single daughterall the necessary - toys, beautiful outfits and so on. Katya grew up as an obedient and domestic girl. She was modest and quiet. Therefore, children in the courtyard could easily offend her, taking away the doll or pulling at the pigtail.


From an early age, our heroine showed love fordrawing. As a "canvas" she used a variety of surfaces. For example, a girl could paint a felt-tip pen or a door to a bedroom. Her parents scolded her for spoiling her property. To let the daughter's talent in the right direction, they recorded Katyusha in an art school. There was no limit to the girl's joy. Our heroine was pleased to attend classes. Her work often went to competitions. The talented girl was encouraged by sweet prizes and letters.

Catherine the King biography


In 1999, Catherine the King graduatedart school. Parents were proud of their daughter. A year later the girl submits an application for participation in the contest "New Names of Ukraine". She manages not only to demonstrate her talent, but also to become a winner.

Thanks to excellent external data and slenderfigure Katya was able to build a successful model career. With a height of 172 cm, the girl weighed only 48 kg. In 2001, the King signed a contract with the fashion theater "Elegant".

If you think that the blonde has stopped designing, you are mistaken. Katya combined it with a modeling career. In her free time, the girl sketched out her outfits.

In 2005, Ekaterina Korol graduated from the technical school,having received a specialty "designer-designer". Almost immediately she got a job in a private enterprise "Leg-prom". At some point, Katyusha decides to radically change her life. The blonde married and gave birth to Mark's son. She also worked to obtain higher education. In 2008, she was awarded a diploma on graduation from the university on the specialty "Fine and applied arts".

The coming of Ekaterina the King at home-2

The Conquest of Russia

Katya the King became widely known innative Ukraine. But she understood that there was no prospect for her business in this country. Therefore, the blonde gathered suitcases and went to Moscow. A native of the city of Nikolaev rented a room and got a job in the House of Models "Estart". Her career went up the hill.

Today Catherine cooperates with many representatives of show business. Dresses from her order group "Gone with the Wind" and "Vintage", Andrei Aleksin, beatboxer Vakhtang and others.

Catherine the king of the house 2

Catherine the King: "House-2"

Our heroine has established himself as a talentedand creative designer. However, it was known only in narrow circles. The girl wanted to expand the client base. In order to promote herself and her business, Katya was granted a "House-2". And it was preceded by an acquaintance with one of the rating participants - Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky.

In the winter of 2013, a high andthe harmonous blonde. It was Catherine the King. "House-2" welcomed the new member cordially. Then no one could think that the angelic appearance hides an explosive character. For several months, the audience watched as the eccentric couple builds relationships. Katya and Vents constantly swore, insulted each other and even fought. As a result, the King decided to leave the project. Vengrzhanovsky did not discourage her.

Hello again!

In September 2015, Catherine the King appearedon the popular TV station. The girl had several reasons for returning to "Dom-2". First, she wanted to take revenge on Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky for humiliation and insults. Secondly, Katya dreams of meeting an interesting and caring man. And the third reason is connected with her design career. The king just wants to appear again on the screen to increase the number of wealthy and generous customers of clothing. Our heroine does not hide all this.

The arrival of Catherine the King on "Dom-2" caused onlynegative emotions of other project participants. Many of them know that the girl has a complex and quarrelsome character. Guys consider her a vulgar person. And even Vents refused to build a relationship with her. But Katya does not lose heart. She believes that one day a man of her dreams will come to the project - strong, self-confident and financially secure. Will Katya succeed in meeting her love at the "House-2"? It's only time will tell.