Lesya Nikityuk. Biography. The way to fame

Lesya Nikityuk, whose biography will be covered inthis article - a simple Ukrainian girl, wit, cheerful disposition and a cheerful nature which allowed her to make a good career on television. The host has just started her career, but her achievements are already impressive.

The way to fame

"Rural diva" - such a nickname received fromfans of Lesya Nikityuk. Biography of this girl began with a birth in the city of Khmelnitsky, in 1987, on October, 19th. She always had a keen temper and a cheerful disposition. After graduation, Lesya entered Khmelnytsky Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy. Bright and sociable girl took an active part in public life of the university and soon became a member of the Ukrainian team of KVN "Tornado-lux". Having thus gained some popularity among her peers, the girl decided to take part in the Ukrainian version of the "Make a comedian" program. The victory in this entertaining show completely changed the life of Lesya.

Lesya Nikityuk biography

Career on TV

Lesya Nikityuk, whose biography is interestingfaithful admirers of her comic talent, several times participated in the show "Make a comedian laugh." Television activities brought the girl not only fame, but also tangible income: in the first season she together with her friend won 50,000 hryvnia, in the second - 20,000 hryvnia. In addition, after participating in a similar comic contest in Russia, Lesya received 250,000 rubles. During the filming, the girl managed to get acquainted with some of the most famous showmen of the post-Soviet space: Mikhail Zelensky, Evgeny Koshev, Dmitry Shepelev, Mikhail Galustyan. This strengthened her position in the world of television. In 2012, Lesya took part in casting for the place of the leading super popular Ukrainian show "Eagle and Tails". Having received this work, the girl paired with Andrey Bednyakov began to visit different corners of the planet and charge positive emotions from the seen Ukrainian viewers. Soon the show became very popular abroad. The fourth and fifth season of "Eagle and Tails" was led by Lesya Nikityuk. Biography of the girl in the creative plan all the time gaining momentum. In 2013, she became the leading program on the "Lux TV" channel titled "Les Zoesya", which highlights the details of the life of the Ukrainian beau monde.

Lesya Nikityuk biography personal life

Personal and social life

Lesya Nikityuk, biography, whose personal lifeare very interested in fans, has become a secular lioness who actively participates in the public and political life of her country. She has her own civil position and fervently defends her. Lesya carefully conceals his private life. But it can often be found on social gatherings and various recreational activities.