How to draw a poodle simply?

Many modern children and adults love to paintanimals. They are cute, playful and beautiful. The process of creativity brings real pleasure. The resulting successful work is often placed in a frame or simply broadcast on the wall - this is an occasion for pride and self-esteem. Children often ask adults to teach them how to draw an animal. This is simple enough and should not be intimidating. For example, to explain how to draw a poodle, do not need any special artistic knowledge and skills. Joint creativity is an opportunity to spend time with the child, share their experiences and become even closer. And the resulting drawing will remind the kid about minutes of general joy.

What materials to draw?

Fine materials, as a rule,depending on the age of the artist. To very small children it is better to offer to colorize the ready Mom's picture. Older children can choose simple or colored pencils. These materials can be washed, there is an opportunity to correct the error. Adults often paint with watercolors or simple pencils of different hardness. If there are difficulties, how to draw a poodle with a pencil, you can use a detailed instruction in which everything is told in stages.

how to draw a poodle

Steps to create a picture

Poodle is a decorative breed of dogs with curlyand lush wool. It is believed that they are funny, funny and like to have fun. Like many dogs, poodles come in different sizes and colors. Children could see in the yard poodles sheared or overgrown. The artist's fantasy is almost unlimited. However, the principles of how to draw a poodle in stages are unchanged:

1. First of all, the head and body of the dog are marked with ovals. At this point you need to decide on the pose - the dog sits, lies or stands. In this example, the poodle is shown standing.

2. Then the legs are marked. The rear are backward, the front ones are almost vertical.

3. At this stage it is necessary to detail the muzzle (nose, eyes, mouth), ears and outline the volume of hair on the trunk and paws.

4. The work ends with an easy shading or given to the kid for coloring.

Thus, it becomes clear how to draw a poodle with a pencil.

draw a poodle in stages

When to start mastering watercolor

Older children may be interestedlearn painting with watercolor. This is a fairly handy material that is well suited to the image of living beings. How to draw a poodle with the help of watercolors, you can learn by yourself or on a specialized lesson.

how to draw a poodle in pencil

How to complete the picture?

It is not enough to explain to the baby how to drawpoodle, you still need to show how to complete the work. When the dog itself is already painted, you can draw something against the background. It can be a booth, a ball, a bowl with a bone or any other object that is associated with the playful nature of the poodle. If the work is done by an adult, it may be appropriate to have some abstract background or just a shadow and a sketch of the horizon line.

If the drawing is very good, you can hang it in a prominent place. You can decorate the finished work in a frame with or without a mat.

In addition, you can cut the resulting dog and stick it on the greeting card. Such a gift will delight relatives and will long delight.