Barun Sobty: biography, filmography, personal life

Who is this that broke more than one heart of a loverIndian cinema, handsome man? Since when has it shone in the starry sky of Bollywood? Many spectators ask this question, looking at the skill with which Barun Sobti plays. Biography, personal information, filmography and family life of the actor will be today in the focus of our article.

Barun Biography

Carier start

Barun Sobty, whose biography begins with 21August 1984, saw the light in Delhi. His parents, wealthy people, gave his son a good education. At first, Barun Sobti did not even think about a career in Bollywood. After graduation, he joined the company as a manager in the firm "Jindal Telecom". And so he worked for seven years. At the end of this period, the young man thought that it was worthless to bury talent in the ground, and decided to try his hand at the cinema. Moreover, he had plenty of natural data for this. Debuted Barun Sobti in 2009, albeit not too well. The television series "Shraddha", where he starred as Swam Kuran, did not live up to the expectations of the producers. But the next year literally turned his life. First, the actor was invited to the episodic role of Dr. Raj Singh in the film "Meeting the Hearts". This work did not go unnoticed. The actor left the project before its completion, since he was offered the main role on the Sony TV channel.

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Barun Sobti: biography. Rapid takeoff

So, in the same year 2010, the actor startedshootings in the series "We made a deal." He played the role of romantic hero-lover Shravan Jaishval. Not only the masterful game, but also the nude athletic torso brought the actor love and veneration of the spectators. The next morning after the release of several television series Barun Sobti, whose biography says that the life of the guy has changed dramatically for the better, woke up famous. And in 2012, the actor entered the TOP-10 of the most sexy men in Asia. Barun understands that you can not manage only natural data in the cinema. It's safe to say that he is a self-maid man. He himself comprehended all the subtleties of acting.

Filmography of Barun Sobty

Let's remember all the works of this Bollywood star. There are not so many of them - there are not even a dozen. But, as the classic said, "less is better, but better." So, began his acting career Barun Sobti, whose biography has since been linked with Bollywood, from the television show "Shraddha", where he played in a pair with Jhangpandit Nehoy. Then there was the work in the series "Meeting Hearts". Then luck smiled to Barun Sobti in "We made a deal". But the main work in the filmography of the actor was to participate in the television series "How to call this love?" In it, he played Arnava Singh Rajzad, one of the main characters. The success of the series is also due to star actress Sanaye Irani. By the way, the epic film, filmed in 2012, received its continuation. Last year, the series "How to call this love?" Celebration ". In it, the actor plays the same romantic hero Arnav Singh Rajzad. But after the success of the tape in 2012, Barun Sobti increasingly dreams of real feature films. And, as a person of business, fulfills his dream. Already in 2013 he, along with Kavi Shastri and Shekhnaz Tresurjavala, starred in the film "Me and Mr. Perfection". Then he flashes in the painting "The Wedding of the Seventeenth." A year later, serious work is in the film "Twenty-two yards," where Barun Sobty reincarnates in Ronajit Sen. And finally, the last achievement of the actor: in the past, in 2015, he starred in the feature film "Dry dreams".

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Barun Sobti is the only Indiana television actor who was awarded four prizes at the prestigious Star Parivaar Awards. But in general, the actor can boast of nine prizes. And what is most interesting, they were all presented to Barun Sobti for his work in one single series "How to call this love?" In which nominations did the actor win awards? First of all, "Beloved new member." Then - "The most popular actor." Did not ignore the members of the jury and the appearance of Barun Sobti. He received the award in the nomination "The most stylish actor-man." A romantic hero is unthinkable without his stage presence. She appeared in the series Sanaya Irani, which played the role of Kushi Kumari Gupta.

Barun Sobti: biography, personal life

Watching every time on the screens of the actor in the armsbeauties, involuntarily think: what is this man in real life? Probably the same heartthrob? Not really. He is a wonderful family man. The actor got married in 2010. And not at all on the Bollywood diva. Hand and heart (not in the movie, but in reality), he offered his school friend Pashmina Manchanda.

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She has neither to television, nor to Bollywoodno relation, and works in one of the international companies. The wedding ceremony took place without much noise, in a narrow circle of relatives. Barun Sobti and his wife, whose biography is not very widely known, like parties with friends. But much more often they prefer spending time together at home. A couple of children yet. By the way, the actor Barun Sobti is unique in that he does not have an account in any of the social networks. And, according to him, start such and go with a head into the pool "Facebook" is not going to.