Actress Ekaterina Nikitina: biography, personal life

In the world of cinema there are many beautifulactresses, Ekaterina Nikitina is on their list. This beautiful woman is endowed with so many talents. To achieve such heights in a career, she has worked hard and hard since childhood. Katya's parents and family friends helped her with all her strength in her studies and work.

Ekaterina Nikitina an actress
Beauty and innate gracefulness distinguished heramong peers, but she was never arrogant. Nikitin was always surrounded by her friends, Catherine was cheerful and sociable from school years, although her roles in films often fell far short of her.


Ekaterina Nikitina is a native Muscovite. She was born in 1977, on July 18. Her family was closely associated with the world of art. Katyusha's mom - Tatiana Gennadievna Nikitina is an actress and a very beautiful woman, the daughter inherited from her all the best. Father - Anatoly Filippovich Nikitin - was a director. From the first years of her life, Katya is surrounded by people who were famous actors, directors, theatrical figures. It is only natural that the girl was eager to join this tempting world of cinema and follow in the footsteps of her parents. The nearest friends of the Nikitins are such a famous couple as Gvozdikova and Zharikov. Together with Katya's father and mother, they fully supported the girl's desire to become an actress.

Since the school years, Ekaterina has been intensively engaged indancing and music. When she was eleven, she first starred in the picture, over which his father worked. It was the film After World War, and Katya's role was as small as the performer herself.

Along with the dream realized as an actressthe girl was another - to become a ballerina. Parents missed the moment and did not give their daughter to the ballet school on time, because she was already 11, and future ballerinas started their thorny path in 8-9 years. However, Nikitina had another chance to learn from this profile. The fact is that at age 13 she went with her parents to Leningrad to shoot a picture about the life of ballerina Alla Osipenko. She immediately saw in Katyusha the makings of a dancer and was willing to deal with her. It prevented dreams from coming true that parents did not dare leave their young treasure in a strange city. As a result, Katya returned to Moscow and continued to prepare herself for the profession of an actress.

The girl went to school with in-depth studyin English. Exact sciences were given to her very hard, but otherwise there was complete order. In the graduation class, Catherine was exactly sure that she would become an actress, like her mother.

Student years

While still in school, Ekaterina Nikitina becamestudent of the actor's course at the University of Cinematography. S. A. Gerasimova. In this course the girl was the youngest, but this did not prevent her from being one of the best students.

In 1997, Nikitina was already a graduate of VGIK,but this energetic girl seemed not enough, and she entered the Institute of International Relations. The training required a lot of money, but the parents supported the daughter and helped with the payment.

"Secrets of palace coups"

As mentioned earlier, Ekaterina NikitinaFor the first time she appeared in cinema at the age of eleven. As a student, she was involved in the short film "Ordinary story". The real debut of the young actress was the film project "Secrets of palace coups". Catherine studied at that time in the third year of VGIK. In addition to her for the role of Elizabeth Petrovna several classmates were tried, but the director Svetlana Druzhinina did not doubt her choice. The daughter of Peter the Great, in her opinion, could only be perfected by Katya, an elegant, aristocratic looking woman.

Ekaterina Nikitina

The beginning actress fully justified the choiceDruzhinina and perfectly coped with the work, putting in her heroine the whole soul. She was lucky enough to play on one set with such celebrities as Sergei Shakurov, Nikolai Karachentsov. The role of Catherine the First was performed by talented actress Natalia Egorova. In 2000, the first film of the film project was released, and on the second day Katya woke up famous. She was recognized on the street, she was asked for an autograph and interviewed. But the most important thing is that she was noticed by the directors, and from that time the girl did not have a lack of proposals to appear in the movies.

Ekaterina Nikitina is a movie actress

Filmography Nikitina great, a list of tapes, inwhich managed to act as an actress, is continuously increasing. This is not surprising, because the beauty is always busy on the set, her popularity is undeniable. The most successful actress considers the paintings in which she was shot from 2000 to 2004.

actress catherine nikitina husband

I want to mention the series "The Moscow Saga"which was released in 2004. In this project, Catherine played Veronica Gradova, the son of the son of the main character. Now it is impossible to imagine that another actress might be in Katya's place. 2012 gave the actress a role in the crime series "Once Upon a Time in Rostov". In this film the heroine Nikitina became Kopyltsova Natasha. The audience appreciated the wonderful game of the actress.

Ekaterina Nikitina: husband and children

Such a beautiful woman can not be deprivedattention of men. She, like all the fair sex, fell in love and wanted to start a family, but marriage did not bring her happiness. Of course, that was worthy of the best actress Catherine Nikitina. Her husband did not appreciate it, the marriage broke up.

Ekaterina Nikitina husband and children

Katie and Alexei's novel started out beautifully. Anna Mikhalkova acquainted with the couple, Alexei Kalugin was engaged in business then and very nicely courted his chosen one. The wedding took place at a time when the actress starred in the series "Secrets of palace coups". In 1999, a young wife gave her husband a son, who was called Nikita. Despite this happy event, the couple divorced when their baby turned one year old. The actress and her son moved to their mother, and she does not want to marry anymore.