Adagio is not only a tempo

"Adagio" Albinoni - this is the most famousA musical work that is associated with human grief and loss of a loved one. It is interesting, what is the "adagio", what meaning can this term have, is the word related to the character of the work? The word adagio comes from Italy. The translation of the term is "slow" or "quiet". The meaning of the word "adagio" has several meanings. It all depends on where it is used.

Interpretation of the word "adagio"

The term was first known in the 15th century. He was translated from Italian as "calm", "free" and even "convenient." Used to indicate the nature of the music.

In ancient musical works there are similar words from the Venetian dialect. They were written as Adgio, Adago, Ado, Ad ', Adgo and Adasio.

The dictionary Brossard gives the following interpretation of the word: "convenient, calm, always slowly, stretching the subject, stretch."

adagio is

Sources XVIII - early XIX century treat the term as "convenient" or "quiet."

Researcher Yavorsky explains that the adagio -this does not mean "inert", and therefore "calm." Energy is concentrated in such an even and stressed state, and then goes into passion or into an active form.

At certain times the word meant "moderatetempo. "At the end of the 17th century, Purcell, Wolf, Brossard, and Corrett gave this definition to him: among the characteristics could be read:" medium slow, very slow, slowest. "

All the disagreements are due to the fact that the tempo of music in the old days set the emotional undertones of the work, and not what was indicated next to the notes.

The most original meaning of the word was given to Drobish andHunke. They translate the word "old age" and indicate that it is necessary to perform the work "in an old-fashioned way". Most likely, Drobysh and Gunke mistook the Italian adagio with the French age, which means age.

Adagio in music

In music, this word denotes the tempo in whichit is necessary to perform part of a symphony, sonata, quartet or any other work. It indicates a rather slow pace, which is slower than the andante, but more lively.

albinoni adagio

If the composer uses in his workpart of the "adagio", this is a sign of talent. It can show all the creative potential. Samples can be called Beethoven and Albinoni, whose adagio is known all over the world.

Adagio is the way to make the contrast between parts with a fast and rapid tempo.

The tones of the melody are from 9/8 to 12/8.

Adagio in the "Moonlight Sonata"

Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" is known by all people. Even those who are far from music, perfectly remember the beginning of this masterpiece. Slow melody of magnificent beauty - "Adagio". This title was given to her by the author himself. There is information that this part Beethoven composed near the body of a deceased friend. This theme can be traced in various works of other composers. It was this part that became the most exciting and attracting attention of millions.

Mournful Adagio

Musical composition of the composer RemoThe jazzotto, known as Albinoni Adagio, is known to many because it is often used in funeral ceremonies. It is written for stringed instruments and organ. Created in 1958 adagio - this is the most executed musical composition, not only in the next half century. It was used in almost a dozen movies. It is based on a large number of songs and instrumental compositions.

Remo Jazzotto, who wrote a biography of TomasoAlbinoni, accidentally stumbled upon a small piece of music in a library in Dresden. Based on the available starting tacts, Jazzotto recreated, or rather, created his most famous "Adagio".

Adagio in the ballet

What is an adage in a ballet? This word is called the duet of the main characters of lyrical content. Ballet adagios are wide, chanting and romantic melodies. Part of the dance consists of smooth and wide movements.

the meaning of adagio

Sometimes it is an independent dance episode in dance forms such as the pas de deux, the pas de trois, the grand pas, the pa d'acceon.

Famous ballet adagios are parts from "Swan Lake", "Nutcracker", "Spartacus".

In the choreographic classes there is a training movement under this name.

what is an adagio
It begins to be studied from the primary classes,complicating from year to year the turns, duration and speed of implementation, transitions. With the help of this exercise, children develop resistance, the ability to confidently own the body, the smoothness of the movement of the hands. This dance form is useful for studying in male and female dance classes.