Halit Ergench: biography of a famous Turkish actor

Turkish actor Halit Ergencch became famous throughoutthe world after the television series "The Magnificent Age" appeared on the screens in 2011, where he embodied the image of Suleiman the Magnificent, the tenth Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who was a historically significant person who managed to influence the whole world.

Halit Ergench biography

Halit Ergench, biography, personal life andwhose origin interested all the fans of the series, was born on April 30, 1974 in Istanbul. It is worth noting that the performer of the main role of one of the leading Turkish TV series of our time grew up in an acting family. His father is Sait Ergench, a well-known actor in Turkey.

Actor Halit Ergench, whose biography enteredhistory as well as the biography of his character, successfully graduated from the secondary school of Ataturk, and then became a student of the Istanbul Technical University. There, a talented actor planned to receive the education of an architect and a shipbuilder. In his interviews, he admitted that he entered there at the insistence of his parents.

actor halit ergenc biography

In the educational institution, he was able to hold out onlytwo semesters. Then Halit Ergench, whose biography is known to most fans of Turkish cinema, became a student at M. Sinan University, where for several years he professionally studied theatrical art and academic vocal.

To somehow earn a living andpaying for his studies at the university, Halit worked for some time as a marketer and operator in one of the computer companies. During his studies, he managed to work as a vocalist and dancer in two groups at once, although they enjoyed a certain popularity in Turkey, but they did not achieve much success.

In 1996, already a professional actor HalitErgench, whose biography is well known to movie lovers, became a member of the famous Dorman Theater Company. Initially, the actor was entrusted with only a small role, but after six months of work, he still played the first major role in the production of "The King and I." This musical for several years with success went to the theater.

Halit Ergench biography personal life

Soon Khalit had few theatrical roles, hebegan to pass castings in television series. The first popularity with the talented actor came after the "Black Angel", a Turkish multi-series feature film, broadcast with great success. Parallel Ergench continued to work in the theater.

It got to the point that the actor was talking aboutoutside of Turkey, and a few months later, Halit Ergench, whose biography had visited the tables of many Hollywood producers, became an actor in the Zach Adventures troupe. From 2000 to 2010, Khalit Ergench was actively involved in Turkish television projects. 2004 was marked by the release of the multi-series film "Aliye" on the screens, where the actor was lucky enough to work with many eminent persons of the Turkish film industry.

In 2011, Halit Ergench, whose biography has alreadyconsisted of a large number of filming and performances, became the main actor in the series "The Magnificent Age", gained popularity throughout the world. The talented actor declares that it was this role he had been waiting for all his life, and it was she who helped him to achieve an unprecedented level in acting.