The series "Revolution": actors and roles

The topic of how life will develop on the planetafter a global catastrophe such as the end of the world or the Apocalypse, people are interested in more than one millennium. On this subject, many novels were created and dozens of films shot. Among them is the TV series "Revolution". About the actors and roles in this teleproject will tell this article.

revolution tv series actors

General information about the series

According to the testimony of the executive producerProject J. Abrams, he and his team were delighted with the script "Revolution", which brought to them Eric Kripke. The idea of ​​the series was so original and exciting that everyone was confident in its success.

In the US, the first episode of the TV project debuted atmid September 2012. A month later, when the rating reached 9.8 million viewers in three episodes, the leadership of NBC decided to make a sequel. New series of the project came out in late March - in April 2013.


The series "Revolution", whose actors are presentedbelow, won the award "Saturn" as the best series made for terrestrial television, and "Emmy" - for the 10th episode. In addition, the last award was awarded to the work of the composer Christopher Lennerz.

TV series revolution actors and roles


The action of the series "Revolution" (actors, photoSome scenes can be seen further) occurs 15 years after all modern technologies were disconnected on the planet and humanity lost the opportunity to use any electrical appliances. People began to adapt to the conditions created in order to survive in a world without technology.

“Shutdown” caused the collapse of public order and led to the disintegration of the country into districts ruled by dictators.

The only chance to return everything to its place andto restore power supply is to use a secret item that is kept in the Matisons family. However, if he falls into the hands of the dictator Monroe, humanity will face even greater troubles and people will never be able to return to normal life.

Billy Burke

The actor was remembered by the audience in the film "Twilight",where the father played the main character. In addition, his track record includes more than 3 dozen works in paintings of various subjects, including fantastic ones.

In the TV series "The Revolution", the actors of which arepart were unknown to the viewer, he got the main role - Miles Matheson. The man is one of the founders of the Republic, but later he regrets his political choice and tries to kill the dictator Monroe. The attempt fails and Miles leaves for Chicago, where he opens a bar and becomes an alcoholic.

One day, he meets a niece. She persuades her uncle to join the rebels and help them in their fight against General Monroe.

revolution actors

Tracy Spiridakos

The actress emigrated with her family from Greece to Canadaat the age of 9 years. In 2007, she made her debut in the film "Supernatural", and then played in two dozen other roles. In the TV series "Revolution", whose actors became famous after its release, Tracy got the role of the niece of the protagonist. In the first episodes of the TV project, she appears to the audience as a fearless fighter for justice. However, later it turns out that Charlie Matheson is a brutal killer, ready to do anything to achieve his goals.

Elizabeth Mitchell

At the moment when the TV series "Revolution" was released, the actorswhom many lovers of the post-apocalyptic fiction genre are familiar with today, this actress has already been nominated for an Emmy and has played in more than 10 full-length films and in 15 television projects. Among her most successful works, viewers and critics attribute the role of Juliet Burke in the TV series "Lost", which took 5th place in the list of "The Best Cult Shows in History" by TV-Guide.

In Revolution, Mitchell played Charlie's mother, the female scientist Rachel, who had been captured by Monroe for a long time. Only she knows the secret of how to correct the situation.

film revolution actors

Daniela Alonso

This actress of Puerto Rican origin begancareer as a model agency for Ford Models. She played in three dozen TV shows and art films. In The Revolution, Daniele got the role of the friend of the main character and the soldier Nora Clayton Resistance. According to the script, the girl dies in a fight with the people of the dictator at the end of the first season.

Giancarlo Exposito

The actor is acting in films and working in television.since 1983. Among his best-known works are roles in the films Pinero and Ali. In addition, the actor is known to viewers on the TV series "Miami Police", "Law and Order", etc.

In The Revolution, Giancarlo Exposito plays prettya controversial character named Tom Neville. Initially this brave captain is wholly loyal to Monroe. However, over time, he realizes that this is not the case for ordinary people, and goes over to the side of the Resistance.

revolution television series actors

David Lyons

The actor is famous for his participation in the series"Marine Patrol". Among his works, which caused the greatest interest among the audience, are also the main role in the superhero TV project "Cloak" and work in the TV project "Ambulance".

In the film "Revolution", the actors who rememberTo the audience with his frank and sincere game, Lyons played the main villain of General Monroe, who over the years turned into a cruel dictator, settling scores with former colleagues. Nevertheless, he knows how to make a pleasant impression on the guests with his intelligent manners and tries to return Miles to the so-called family consisting of the founders of the Republic.

Stephen Collins

Like many other actors of the television series"Revolution", he already had experience in soap operas. Moreover, Collins gained recognition as one of the most successful representatives of this genre. The most famous work of Stephen is considered the series "The Seventh Heaven", in which for 11 seasons he played the role of a priest. In addition, the actor starred in films such as Star Trek, First Wives Club, and Blood Diamond. In 1987, Collins was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in The Two Mrs. Granville.

In "Revolution" he appears before the audience inas grandpa charlie. After the revolution, Jean stays in Texas and performs the duties of a city doctor. In 2019, during an epidemic of cholera, the man’s wife dies. Immediately after this, one of Monroe's minions addresses him. He promises to give him a vaccine against cholera, if he reports on the actions of his relatives. Jin is forced to agree, but seeks to shield his relatives from the dangers. He later embarks on the path of armed struggle.

revolution actors photo

Roger graham

The actor became the debutant of the TV series "Revolution". The work in this picture opened the door to the cinema. The subsequent films featuring Graham were "Love and Mercy" and "Crazy Kind of Love."

In The Revolution, he played the role of Danny Matheson, brother of Charlie. The teenager is sick and his salvation is the main task of his sister and uncle throughout the first season.

Now you know what the Revolution series is about. The actors (photos can be seen above) that played in this project are also known to you, and you probably want to look at their game and find out what awaits humanity in the future, if it is the same as scriptwriter Eric Kripke saw it.