Facts from the biography: the growth of Catherine Barnabas

growth of czarina

Ekaterina Vladimirovna Varnava - participant of the show"The Comedy Vouman." This beautiful, tall, slender girl with a sense of humor, has fans not only in Russia, but also abroad. Many women and men are interested in the growth of Catherine Barnabas, her parameters and weight. In this article we will also mention a brief biography of a bright artist.


Ekaterina - Muscovite, was born on December 9, 1984year, father - military man, mother - doctor. Katya is a lawyer by training, she graduated from MISIS. Her career on television began with participation in the KVN in teams "National team of small nations" and "Its secrets". Since August of last year, he has been conducting the NTV program in the morning, and on the Russia-1 channel he co-hosted the project "Battle of the Choirs". Played in the comedy "8 ​​First Kisses" to Ilona - the former love of the main character. In the 154 series of the series "Univer" played herself. To date, Catherine is a successful participant of the Kamedi Vumen. In addition, the choreographer of the project, the sex symbol of a humorous program - is also Ekaterina Barnabas.

Height, weight, parameters

Katya is a tall and slender girl withlush chest and thin waist. So what is the growth of Catherine Barnabas? 181.1 centimeters, the weight is only 63 kilograms. How does she manage to keep the perfect shape and fit look? Catherine is engaged in childhood dances, eats properly, regularly visits the gym. The actress leads an active lifestyle.

Dancing is life

what is the growth of czarna
Catherine from childhood was engaged in dancing insports complex on the "Pioneer". Lessons lasted three hours almost every day, occasionally there were days off. On Sunday the future star was engaged individually. The parents spent a lot of money on the daughter's enthusiasm: paying for lessons, travel, and costumes. But Katya loved dancing, and for her it was the most important thing. By the way, because of the high growth, the artist had problems. The growth of Catherine Barnabas did not greatly affect the lessons, but the case with the partner made the girl feel. After the summer holidays, Katya returned to class. For three months she grew up and became above her partner by 20 centimeters. The teacher began to seek a replacement urgently. With difficulty, having bypassed all the schools of dance, the teacher still found a worthy partner. But the unforeseen happened. During the performance of the dance pasadobl guy did not restrain the dancer, and she fell back on the parquet floor. Long treatment, recovery and constant pains forced Catherine to give up her studies, but not for good. Thus, thanks to his hobby, Katya has a tight body.

Catherine's Growth Weight
Does such growth interfere in your personal life?

The growth of Catherine Barnabas 181 centimeters, but this is herDo not interfere! Its ideal forms, combined with high growth, attract thousands of men around the world. But the artist's heart is busy. Catherine does not like to talk about her personal life, considering it superfluous. It is known that her chosen one is a media person, but she keeps a secret. Some sources say that this is Dmitry Khrustalev. But both artists refuse to comment on this issue.

Sex symbol "Kamedi Vumen"

Growth of Catherine Barnabas in combination with harmonyand beauty, natural charisma made the girl a sex symbol of the project. Indeed, Katya is very attractive, men dream of such a girl. But, despite all this, the actress is very modest. She is jealous, she is adored and many women and young girls are equal to her!